"This Is How You Share Games On PS4."

Nothing else need be said.


    I was fully expecting Sony to follow Microsoft but it seems like they're actually serious about putting the gamers first. Plus they have a great sense of humour

      I too am shocked. Doubly shocked that Sony would do away with safe neutral PR and totally own the fact they aren't going with more draconian DRM.

        This is E3 and all PR is basically going straight to gamers and this is what will work the best
        I don't think you would see this on TV anytime soon

        So you are... dual shocked? pun intended.

    I don't even want a PS4. But I feel like I should buy one just to say "good job, guys".

    Gotta love how Sony milked their entire DRM / Used games issue for all its worth, and it hilarious!

    They stuck a knife in repeatedly, twisted it a few times, rubbed salt in the wound, then kicked the corpse.

    Someone photoshop an Xbone logo on instead of Grey Wind's head.

    So good.
    Oh Sony, i love you more now.

    And then buy a new key to play it from Origin, uPlay et al. Doesn't change a thing. Power is still in the publishers hands.

    Hahaha Comedy Gold.
    Something Microsoft Lacks.

    Shu sounds like a genuinely lovely guy.

    nice idea, but thats just sharing the media.
    what happens when you put it in to the ps4?

      It starts the game so you can play it...

    This is fantastic. I can totally get on board with trolling like this.

    This video alone is almost enough to convince me to get a PS4. :-p
    Much, much respect to Sony today!

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