This Is The Assassin's Creed/One Piece Crossover We've All Been Waiting For...

Assassin's Creed's Edward Kenway is the captain of a pirate ship, a scoundrel at sea with the ability to punch people in the face. Remind you of anyone else? Monkey D. Luffy called — he's going to be the King of the Pirates goddammit and he'll be the first to find One Piece!

So this crossover video is hilarious to me for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I had no idea that the UK version of Japanese Anime One Piece had such a heinously bad rap song as its intro. Secondly, it's just so well put together. I'm surprised it's taken so long for someone to 'piece' it all together. [I'm sorry, I'm really, really tired]

Well done to Kotaku reader Jamie 'Doc What' Watt for connecting the dots.

For reference, here's the original. It's not so far off when you think of it!

Even though the above clip makes it look terrible, One Piece is actually one of the best Shounen manga ever created. You should totally read it!


    Agreed the manga is extremely readable, the anime is complete rubbish and really kiddies it up

    That is a decent intro song, I mean it's no Transformers G1 intro, but it's good - especially with this mash up!

    OMG lol the Dub is soooooooooo horrendous its not funny lol

    the original anime is not as bad as the dubbed version where they really "kiddie" it up, like changing one of the pirates smokes for a lollipop

    As a One Piece fan I had a chuckle. I remember the days of the 4kids dub and hate what they did to a great series. Funimation have redeemed the anime somewhat by giving it a pretty good dub and not messing with the original animation too much. (4kids, cut anything adult/blood related) That reminds me, new One Piece manga today!

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