This Is What E3 Looks Like Right Now

The Kotaku crew has just recently landed in LA, ready for a barrage of news to hit us in our collective faces. But before the press and exhibitors and everyone else comes piling onto the convention centre show floor on Tuesday, we wanted to give you a quick tour of what E3 looks like this year.

In the video above, Tina Amini walks through the length of the convention centre to give you a brief look at the quiet, empty calm before E3 begins.


    Don't eat at the convention centre cafe - food is crap, and avoid Starbucks - lines are too long. Thanks for that

    Last edited 10/06/13 4:27 pm

      Those rules apply for any large event really. Eg comic con

    Ha, I saw me in the back ground. The disney infinity signs were pretty awesome on the way to the south lobby. Also looking forqard to the atlus stuff :)

    Oh man, putting a face to the name? Can't unsee.

    Though now it all kind of makes sense.

    Hey welcome to E3. It's just like being back in the high school hallways and the food is shithouse.

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