This Is Your First 'Real' Look At EA's UFC Game

We've seen CG trailers for EA's new UFC game, but nothing concrete in terms of in-game assets. As a fan of UFC and someone heavily anticipating this game, I found that a little worrying, but today EA has released the our first look at actual in-game renders of the UFC's roster, and surprise surprise it looks kinda spiffy.

Given that they attended the EA conference alongside UFC President Dana White, Light Heavyweight champ Jon Jones and Lightwight champ Benson Henderson were among the first to get spotlighted. That was fairly predictable.

But, perhaps more interestingly, EA also released a render of retired fighter Chuck Liddell — a former champion and now UFC hall of famer. I can only assume this is confirmation that EA will be including a host of retired 'legend' type fighters in the game's roster. This is good news.

My guess? We'll be seeing fighters like Chuck Lidell, Ken Shamrock and Royce Gracie alongside fighters in the current UFC roster.

Sounds good to me.

Jon Jones

Benson Henderson


    UFC have the rights to both Pride and Strikeforce now. Holding out hope for a Fedor Emelianenko appearance.

    If that is actually, truthfully, positively in game graphics... then it looks great

    Be like Fight Night Champion, please.

      In what way? Hopefully not in Fightnight Champions lousy OWC in which itS impossible to apply skill points acuired.

    Havent gotten a UFC game before, but I do enjoy the sport. What console are these shots for?

    Hope it turns out better than the THQ versions.

    Jon Jones toe looks a bit too straight to me! ;p

    ...And these are just the 'pre-rendered' photos as well! Once EA puts the finishing touches on the game, we'll really see the potential of the next gen graphics.

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