This League Of Legends Pro Has His Whole High School Cheering For Him

League of Legends pro player ZionSpartan has just graduated high school and is ready to jump to the LoL scene full-time. Five years ago his teachers, schoolmates and parents would have laughed at the idea. Today they treat him like a champion.

This video, part of the LoLChampSeries, demonstrates how eSports like League of Legends are gaining more and more mainstream acceptance every day. Yesterday's internet handle is today's sports hero nickname, transforming mild-mannered Darshan Upadhyaya in the hero they call ZionSpartan. It's pretty inspiring.

Even his teacher calls him ZionSpartan [YouTube]


    This game only got popular in the west because Japan played it. Lame copycatting.

      You should maybe reference a statement like that. Biggest online game in the world for a reason. I don't copy someone when playing. My mates and I play it. Because it is a hugely tactical and skill based game.

      You see someone else enjoying something and think "I'll try that" how is that copycatting?

    I'm of the belief that the terms "League of Legends" and "Pro" are mutually exclusive. There's just something about LoL that screams of "dota for dummies", but good on him. Can't wait for eSports to grow in Australia. Foxtel, pick that shit up!
    Remember the good old days of CGS... ahh memories...

      Even if people believe that DotA is the "better" game (and a better platform to test the skills of gamers), there is still a wider coverage of LoL than DotA atm. I suppose you'd get popular faster by playing LoL than playing DotA; though I also believe that at heart, it doesn't mean much to be "good" at LoL - it's a noobs' version of DotA.

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    I have played LoL on and off for years and I have tried DotA and DotA2. LoL is easier to play but it is also more balanced. I have won games in LoL where we have lost all the towers because of good team play. LoL can switch gears very quickly from mid to end game, I have found DotA is very hard to comeback from when your team starts losing.

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