This Live Reading Of DayZ Chat Is Hilarious And... Poignant

A live reading of an actual DayZ chat window from a single session. Serious business. Poignant. Beautiful. Terrifying. Inane. I have no idea if this was shot for an upcoming episode of Good Game or if the show's presenter 'Bajo' simply got bored, turned off the lights, dressed like a beat poet and got freaky. Either way, this is great value.

Also, Steve Fapp Hard... rest in peace. You were a good man. A good, misunderstood man.






    I mancrush Bajo.


      You can have Hex

      ......wait, no...can I have both?

      good game has become a joke show for teenage nerds. i prefer watching the work of a more seemingly professional journalist like jeremy junglist ray! his work deserves an award as far as im concerned.

        A joke? What makes you say that?

    Is it just me, or do the top YouTube comments often make their way into these articles...

    Turned it off after 3 seconds when I realised he was Australian. No problem with that really, I just can't watch anything Australian when I'm reminded that Baz Luhrmann exists.

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