This Mesmerising Version Of Tetris Can Draw Anything You Want

This Mesmerising Version Of Tetris Can Draw Anything You Want

Two years ago, the internet stumbled across a guy who would work upwards of two hours to create virtuoso sprite patterns within Tetris. Well, anything humans can do, a computer can do better, right? Here’s the Tetris Printer Algorithm. Showoff …

The creation of Michael Birken, this algorithm uses eight different-colored tetrominoes plus the empty-space black background to create the artwork. All you have to do is pop in the sprite image you want it to use to use, press play and presto, the program goes to work choosing and laying down the bricks and then sculpting out the finished work from them. It’s mesmerizing.

This video shows the Tetris Printer Algorithm powering through Toad, Fire-powered Super Mario and a bunch of other sprites I won’t spoil. See for yourself.

The Tetris Printer Algorithm javascript source code is available here. It accepts sprite image files that are no larger than 17 by 32 pixels, and it cannot contain more than three opaque colours. Everything else must be transparent. An extremely lengthy, mind-boggling explanation of how it works may be read here.

As for human-made Tetris art, well, our latest creation is, yep, a penis.

Tetris Printer Algorithm [Michael Birken via laughingsquid]


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