This Might Be The Best Nintendo Thing At E3 This Week

With their new console already out, and with the company deciding against holding a big E3 press conference, there's seemingly little for Nintendo fans to get really excited about at this year's show.

But hey, who knows. If there's one company able to conjure a megaton moment out of nothing at E3, it's Nintendo.

And if not? Pretend that outside the show this is happening.

James Scott [Twitter]


    Little to get excited about? Oh boy are you wrong

      Agreed, I am quite looking forward to the E3 Nintendo Direct, I really like the way they have gone with the Direct presentations.

    Does anyone know who the guy in the Iron Man suit is?

      Huh. I thought it might've been Anouma, but it really doesn't look anything like him. Nor Sakurai.

      Satoru Shibata, head of Nintendo Europe

      Satoru Shibata, president of Nintendo of Europe - not that many people know who he is.

      I can't remember his name or position, but it looks like the guy who speaks in the European Nintendo Directs.

        Bah, of course!

        It's Satoru Shibata.

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          Hawkeye was the one who initially confused me. Is it that guy who usually translates on stage? (again, can't remember his name or position...)

            Yep, that's Bill Trinen. He translates not only on stage/in interviews but also Nintendo's games.

            Yeah, Bill Trinen, of Nintendo's Treehouse. Does localisation (sorry, localization) stuff.

    Seemingly little for Nintendo fans to get really excited about at this year’s show?!

    Super Smash Brothers, Mario Kart, 3D Mario all being revealed for the WiiU. That's plenty for me to be excited about!

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