This Might Be The Closest We're Getting To A Final Fantasy VII Remake

Rendered with the Unreal Development Kit, digital artist Laggyzaki's remake of one of the most memorable locations in Final Fantasy VII — the Sector 5 church in Midgar — should make everyone nostalgic and wonder how the rest of the game would look in high definition.

It's a pretty accurate replica of the original. All that's missing is Aeris and her flowers.

FF7 Sector 5 Church UDK Environment [YouTube]


    I think Square-Enix will get round to it at some point. Eventually, like Microsoft, they'll bend to public pressure and give what a lot of people want. Of course, they'll probably change something about it like the battle system and piss everyone off and put in microtransactions...

      They cant really just cave. a total remake in next gen for a game of that scale requires more resources than they have. they make new games with the amount of work required to do things in mind so they keep things like inside houses and unique areas to a minimum. look at the amount of unique backdrops in ffvii alone. each one of them has a massive amount of unique detail as they were all hand drawn, to put that amount of detail into true hd without making it look just bland would require a ridiculous amount of work. It really couldn't be profitable. A 3ds remake is more likely.

      i think they did that with the micro transactions in the PC HD edition, could be mistaken

      They won't. There is a much larger group of people against a remake than for.

    I don't even want a HD remake, looks good enough on my Vita.
    I can just imagine having to sit through Cait Sith's odd accent and them making Cloud into the emo he is now but wasn't supposed to be back then.

    I like it just how it is.

      I agree. There's no way a FFVII remake could end well. Let's just leave the classics alone, it's fine as is.

      Last edited 20/06/13 10:02 am

    lol if they do a remake ....
    its not gonna satisfy everyone. the old gen kids and the new gen kids nowaway think very differently

    I don't want them to recreate the classics just yet. I want to release the 'new' games they have been promising and teasing for 7years...of course I am talking about Final Fantasy Versus XIII now known as Final Fantasy XV.
    They were also saying that there will be sequels much like X-2 and XIII-2, so I want them to focus on the NOW.

    It doesn't make much sense, but Crisis Core is the best Final Fantasy VII remake.

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