This Nine-Minute Metal Gear Solid V Trailer Is Pretty Gross

Nine minutes! That’s a long freakin’ time. Not all the footage is brand, brand new, but be warned, it’s rather graphic in places. Heads up if you are squeamish.


  • It’s going to be freakin’ epic, but sorry Kiefer, you just don’t do it for me, go eat some more gravel and try again.

    • I agree. When I first found out I was all for Kiefer, but after hearing his voice in this trailer, it’s obvious there isn’t enough gravel in his diet.

  • You know, now that Ive seen some footage Im actually OK with Kiefer. Plus it opens up a lot of doors for future games featuring both Big Boss and Solid (1 and 2 remakes perhaps). Also, nobody told me this was coming out on PS3! A new Metal Gear i can play on my current console? SOLD!!!!

  • I hope Kojima Pro. are gonna get in a sh*tstorm for featuring child soldiers in Africa. Especially if you end up commanding them, like mentioned in MG1 (and hinted at with the diamond payout)

  • Wonder if there’s any chance of Liquid Snake making an appearance? Or Solid Snake with David Hayter?

    • If i remember it right, they should be around 7-8 years old during this game. Would love to see Liquid in a future story though, hes my 2nd favorite in the series, (Ocelot being no.1 of course.)

  • Who the hell is that guy with ocelot in the torture chamber??? It looks like it could be one of the snakes, he’s a lot younger than big boss and maybe even a bit younger than ocelot…

      • I don’t think he’s ever been seen wearing a beret though, an on it says Diamond Dogs, but are they the good guys or bad guys? Or are they good but turn bad? I can’t imagine Snake being down with all that water boarding torture etc so i figured it was Ocelot and some other guy doing bad stuff behind Snake’s back.

        • Well by the time of Metal Gear 1 and 2 Big Boss had resorted to child soldiers, kidnapping, and threatening the world with Nuke’s, so Phantom Pain could be his start of darkness.

    • He’s not, since he doesn’t look like Snake/Big Boss and more to the point is at this point still firmly in the pocket of the Patriots.

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