This Portal-Themed Bedroom Is Outrageous And I Want To Live In It

Have you ever wanted to live life like an Aperture Labs test subject? You have? Well then, you might want to consider living in a ridiculously cool custom-made bedroom like this one.

The room, designed by a gamer/interior-decorator/accountant/wizard named Lauren, has been a labour of love, and man, does it show. She details her work at her website, The Portal Bedroom, saying that the project was inspired by an infinity mirror, which creates a similar effect to looking through a cascade of portals in the game.

Around the same time I found this, I'd finally gotten around to playing Portal 2, so I already had Portal on the brain, so I put two and two together and thought "A PORTAL ROOM!"

I looked all over the internet to see if anybody else had designed a Portal-themed bedroom yet that I could get some inspiration from. I found a few rooms, and some of them were pretty cool, but I just couldn't find one that I absolutely loved. So I issued myself a challenge: To design from scratch a Portal-themed bedroom that while obviously Portal, would also be aesthetically-pleasing enough that any non-gamer could still look at it and go "Hey, that's a really neat looking room!" rather than "what's up with all the weird stuff on the walls?"

The results are nothing short of astonishing. Check this out:

There's much more over at The Portal Room's website. We salute you, Lauren.

(Via Christina Norman)


    Not one, but Two portal guns?

      Yeah the on the shelf appears to be the P-Body edition and the one on the box looks like the standard one that comes with the stripes and stickers to make it look like whatever portal gun you want (chell, p-body, atlas)

    epic. maybe i'll convert my bedroom into this after i clean up all the mtn dew stains and cheetos dust

    Last edited 03/06/13 3:47 am

    he must be having cake after his work. (black forest cake)

    I was hoping for the doorways to be oval shaped with blue/orange cellophane strips hanging down giving it that nice primary school arty flavour but still being authentic. Maybe next time.

    Not out of the ordinary, I have the same two as well >_

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