This Real-Life Version Of Super Smash Bros Looks Rad, Sounds Catchy

If you've ever wondered what brawling Smash-style would be like in real life, well, turns out it looks pretty dang fun. At least, it does in Screen Team's music video of the song "SMASH," which includes not only franchise veterans like Mario, but also newcomers like Wii Fit Trainer and Mega Man duking it out.

27 costumes in all, according to the YouTube description. Awesome. Now to wait for part 2.

SMASH - Smash Bros. Music Video [Screen Team Via Margene]


    Peach....Wait what there's a fight going on? Missed that...

    Haha, boobs.

    Also I liked that kind of "interpretation" of Fox.

    Ah, these guys. Getting Youtube hits via boobs since, well, whenever they started doing these, I don't know, go look it up for yourself.

    Came for boobs. Stayed for boobs.

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