This Roguelike FPS Is Basically Binding Of Isaac Meets Quake

Check out this video demonstration of Tower of Guns, one of the coolest surprises at the Indiecade booth during E3.

The roguelike FPS is the work of one man, ex-38 Studios developer Joe Mirabello. After 38 imploded, Mirabello decided to pursue his own personal project, and Tower of Guns was born. In this video, he gives us a look at how the game will work, from guns as character classes to randomization.

You can find out more at, and if you pre-order the game you'll get a playable copy of the early version he was playing at E3.

And here's the trailer Mirabello put together for PAX:


    looks like an ouya game, but with much more simpler graphics

    Yeah more Rogue-like-likes for my collection! And a FPS one to fill a subgenre gap!
    Wouldn't mind pre-ordering except these things are usually a bit more than I'd... wha? only $5 to pre-order?! Okay I can forgo two chocolate bars to afford that!

    I think I prefer the original statement that is was like Binding of Isaac meets Doom.
    No disrespect to Quake, but Doom.

    I seem to remember that there was a Quake 3 mod that has all that - except the room randomisations. But you can set-up the server to randomise the levels that you play in - which looks similar to what he has shown, I suppose.

    Thanks for the heads up on this. I am going to pre order it once i get back to civilization and a decent internet connection (^_^)

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