This Week In Games: The Last Of Us Is Here

Well there's not a lot this week. LOL JKS, it's The Last Of Us week everyone! Get crunk and/or hype depending on your preferences.

What this week lacks in sheer volume it more than makes up with quality. Alongside The Last Of Us comes the long awaited Animal Crossing: New Leaf — yet another compelling argument for the 3DS being the strongest console on the market right now. It's certainly been my most played so far this year.

Anyone picking anything up this week?

Animal Crossing: New Leaf

What is it? Another reason why the 3DS is totally happening right now. It's been a while since we've had a new Animal Crossing. There's a fair amount of hype surrounding this. Should you care? On any other week this would be the big release. Continues in the fine tradition of its predecessors.


What is it? A stealth action effort that lets you play as a vampire. Features RPG elements that allows you to build up your character as you play. Should you care? I know very little about this, which doesn't bode well. I'd say give it a swerve unless you're desperate for a stealth fix.

The Last Of Us

What is it? The big one, perhaps the last hurrah for Naughty Dog on the PS3. This looks very special. Should you care? I love what I've played so far. Can't wait to get home from E3 to play more. Absolute must play. Possible GOTY candidate here.

Wonderbook: Diggs Nightcrawler

What is it? It's another of them there Wonderbooks, with their augmented reality wizardry and whatnot. Should you care? I suspect you already don't really care that much, but I'm actually interested in trying Wonderbook, especially now that I have a kid. Has anyone messed around with it? I might give it a try.


    I preorded The Last Of Us just becasue naughty dog is making it, I hope its good becasue I have not preorded anything since GTA4 and have broken my self imposed rule about waiting two weeks before buying a game.

      Thats exactly me to.. first game i've pre-ordered since GTA IV so i'm really countin on this game, but i garantee we won't be disappointed :D


      I pre-ordered it last night. JB wouldn't let me pre-order online to pick up instore so I went with EB and according to my receipt this means I get some sort of mini statue thing too. \o/

        It's pretty cool!

          It looks like Animal Crossing: the Happy Meal Toy. :P

    I was given a Wonderbook for Christmas. It was kinda fun but you have to sit on the floor when you play it and I'm too old for that. :P

    Just to let you know Mark, the only two places I can find Dark is EB which has a release date of 25/7/13

    and ozgameshop which has a release date of 5/7/13

    I'll definitely be picking up The Last Of Us. Everything Naughty Dog does is awesome.

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