This Woman Turned A Commodore 64 Into The Greatest Bass Guitar Ever Made

This is so amazing I don't know where to begin. Let's start with the facts: this is a Commodore 64 transformed into a bass guitar. But it's more than that. These mods are usually just an aesthetic thing, a cool gimmick but a gimmick nonetheless. This Commodore 64 bass guitar, however, actually uses the original sound chip in the Commodore 64 to make sound. It's out of this world.

And it gets better. The strings on the guitar can be used, obviously, to render sounds from the C64 sound chip, but the keys on the keyboard also get in on the act, transforming the bass guitar into a bass keytar. Honestly, this is off the richter. I just love that this exists. I also want to play one. Own one. Caress the goddamn thing.

It will be mine. Oh yes. It will be mine.

Thanks Andrew!


    Oh. My. God. Being a bass player, this is blowing my mind...

      As a TERRIBLE Bass player, this is mowing my blind! :|

      Being Commodore 64 player, this is binding my mow.

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    I play bass, but alas, I grew up with a Spectrum. I'll make it my duty to make a SPECTAR

    This project will last as long as it takes to load this post

    I always find it truly amazing when people make stuff like this!
    I wouldn't even know where to begin on this kida thing.

    Awesome work!!!

    SHE IS SO SMART!! :| I understood almost none of what she was saying


    Playing River Raid while slapping out some solid synth...this can only be a good thing.

      River raid would still be in my top ten games ever. Loved it still got it on tape :-) with Hero and Pitfall 2.

        River raid is something I'd probably manage to still play today, along with space invaders, asteroids, and Frogger. And whatever that frogger-clone was that had a river with ice floats on it and a polar bear and stuff. And that side-scrolling helicopter one.

    At first I was gonna birch and moan about destroying a c64 to make a guitar. But the fact that it uses the c64 audio chip makes it fricken awesome !!!

    Kind of like C-Trix's Guitari, only more involved, and much more insane.

    Is it just me or is Mark really excited about stuff this week?

    "This Woman" is Jeri Ellsworth. She was on Valve's secret hardware project until the recent firings. She's one of the "Two of them" messing with augmented reality in this recent Kotaku article:

      Someone mentioned this to me on twitter! Feel a bit dumb now :)

    I think I'm in love...

    This is officially today's 'best thing ever'

    Um, fret access stops at the 13th fret? Disgusting. The neck looks like a cheapo, too.

    "Electronic" Guitarist... Now, that's talent and she knows what she's talking about... Awesome

    Mother of god

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