This Yakuza Ad Is Awesome Even If You Don't Speak Japanese

My Japanese-speaking colleagues are asleep right now. So I don’t have the benefit of their multilingual skills when it comes to translating this advertisement for the HD re-master of Sega’s first two Yakuza games.

The language barrier is no real obstacle here, however. I can tell that things start off sweet and then get a bit pervy in the release that series producer Toshihiro Nagoshi called "an experiment". There might be some therapy in that little girl’s future.


    haha need a transcript for the last bit with the dating game :D

    man:"Now that the loud one is gone, I can finally meet you"
    man:"Today I may buy you an expensive drink (alcohol)"
    woman:"I too would like some expensive drinks"
    man:"Of course, kampai (cheers)!"
    background goes dark
    woman:"I left my purse..."

      More or less. With a lot of YEAH! GO GO GO! BAM VAM BAM BAM OOOOH YEAH!

    Sweet, I understood about a third of that.

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