Though 4J Studios, Which Is Handling Minecraft's Xbox One Edition, Said It Is Trying To Allow Import

Though 4J Studios, which is handling Minecraft's Xbox One edition, said it is trying to allow importation of gamesaves from Minecraft on the Xbox 360, Microsoft studios' Phil Spencer said it won't happen. "Bigger worlds don't translate between the Xbox 360 and Xbox One."


    Uhh, how can this not work? Gamesave is just a file. Load it up on the web (cloud, etc) and just access it. The file loader should still work -- why would an MS rep say otherwise?

    Oh right, they can't help but hinder their marketing on the xbox one..

      Aren't cloud saves only for Gold subscribers?

    Given its on the xboxone, are we going to see a major overhaul in the texture resolution of Minecraft instead of the 16x16 blocks? I'd be expecting 512x512 personally by now...

      Get it on PC if you want that type of stuff.

        I have it on pc 'for that kind of stuff', but what's the point of putting it on an all powerful kind of console if you're going to have graphics that the 3DS can push out? Why wouldn't you push yourself to excel?

          Minecraft is not made to me a HighRes game, thats why we still have 16x16 on PC. Stop complaining about something that isnt a problem

          1 word.... "MONEY"

          they want to make more of it... and no doubt they will...

            Indeed, hence why its going to the Xboxone. lol. Surprised me though no ps4 announcement?

              MS probably paid them a fortune for exclusivity so they can make a point about how 'We totally support Indies!'

                exactly... they pay devs $100k to write apps for their mobile platform... why wouldn't they for xbone? its how microsoft get exclusives... give them money and lock them in to a contract of some sort that doesn't allow them to do anything but say "we love microsoft"

          Doesn't have anything to do with how powerful the console is, it's got more to do with handling user made content (texture packs in this case) in a secure manner.
          They're not going to change the base visuals of the game, that's just how it looks. Changing it would be sacrilege :P

    Couldn't they just allow two sizes of game worlds if they wanted to. Guess not anymore

    that title.

      Ha! Not quite, try..

      Though that, Which Is Handling the title, Said It Is Trying To shorten title.

    I don't care so much about world porting or not.

    NJ were talking about DEDICATED RENTABLE SERVERS for Minecraft! For the love of all things good in the world, WORK ON THIS FIRST because the P2P net code for Xbox Minecraft right now is downright horrible, especially if you have more than 2 players in the world.


    My guess is that Phil Spencer is just going off what 4J Studios said at that current time
    No doubt an import feature will be worked on.

    I just hope theres a feature that regenerates a built world with the updated features

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    I have the PC version and we bought the 360 version for the split screen, there is no actual feature I can think of that sells a 3rd version to someone - if you want a bigger world size buy the PC version, it runs on anything and has tonnes of mods which are generally very easy to apply. My daughter has spent more time playing that mod that puts pokemon in the game than she has other actual games!

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