Three Short Comic Strips About Being A Female Game Journalist

Game critic Cara Ellison and artist Elizabeth Simins have collaborated on a trio of strips that they're calling "New Strong Female Games Journalists". We're happy to debut them for you today.

Ellison and Simins are here to make us think and to make us chuckle about anything game-related, really. But for starters, they've got this set on what is obviously the least controversial topic they could possibly think of.


Follow Ellison's writing on her blog Hard Consonant. She's on Twitter too, @carachan1. You can find more of Simins' art, much of it about video games (like Xenoblade!), at Cargo Collective. She's on Twitter @elizsimins.


    So they're just making webcomics that regurgitate what we hear everyday? No thanks.

    They're not even funny.

    I love the style, sans the eyes.
    The first strip would have been funnier if she had of said 'sploosh' instead

    Journalists talk about their erections with each other? I'm reading about the wrong industry :(

    Perhaps you could reduce the reselution on the images before publishing? 2MB isn't a good file size...

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