Time To See Those $40,000 Superhero Suits In Action

The live-action Gatchaman movie is right around the corner. To celebrate, Toho published two trailers. They're suitably epic.

Not only do we get to know the members of the Science Ninja Team, we also finally see what those incredibly expensive superhero costumes look like in motion. Not very bird-like, but sleek, for sure. And then there's the obligatory J-pop song. There's always a J-pop song.

Gatchaman is expected to hit cinemas in Japan on August 24.


    Looks pretty cool but seriously, 40k for a suit? Really?

    the new power rangers

      Actually Gachaman is way older =P

      So power rangers were all just pretenders to Gachaman 8D

      New? Gatchaman is from the early 70's. Used to watch them as kid from blockbusters. In hindsight they had a terrible english dub.

    Yeah right, the guy writing for Kotaku is going to question the guys in the $40,000 suits? COME ON!

    movie looks B grade as fuck, lol at spening 40k on some shitty suits and your movie still looks like its made by an amatuer.

    and is it just me but the asian language sounds like a long winded whinge when ever they speak?

      You're a weird, ignorant racist.

    Awesome. Reminds me of casshern. I had no idea what was happening in that movie too but i did enjoy it

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