Two Days Later, State Of Decay Hits 250,000 Copies Sold On Xbox Live

State of Decay, which "did not have an ad budget" nor "a physical copy to load onto shelves," sold 250,000 copies on Xbox Live in its first two days. Only Minecraft has been more successful.

Breaking Records [Undead Labs]


    And still quite a few Australians waiting to get their hands on it...

    When is the Aus release? I checked arcade last night & only the trailer was available :\

      No scheduled Australian release. Microsoft seems to have left submission to the classification board until it was too late. Workaround is to buy US points (Playasia has them at $20 for 1600 points) and make a US account to buy it, which is a bit of a pain but should only take five minutes or so. So slight pain but you can get it now and get it cheaper than what it will be when it finally gets released.

        Interested in doing this, but would I be able to play this on my main AU profile? or will I have to sign in with the US one just to play it?

          I bought it with an US account, signed back into my Australian one and it works fine.

          From what I've read, you can use your australian profile. once it's on your hard drive, all the profiles you have on it have access to the game

    I remember when this was called Class 3 and was just concept art, I didn't think it would get made, looks like I was wrong!

      Class 3 is still in development, the developers have said they consider State of Decay an appetiser of sorts.

    Great for everyone but us who have to wait for the classification board to get off their asses.
    (But honestly, how can Dead Island get a response and classification in only a few days while State of Decay seems to be stalled)

      Your assuming that Microsoft and/or Undead Labs didn't wait until the last minute middle of last week before someone realized "crap, forgot to get classification" and didn't start the process until release day. Fingers crossed for a classification next week.

    I'm waiting for the game to get co-op patched in before I buy it. You can tell it was designed as a multiplayer game because it has features like emotes.

      A lot of people seem convinced they will be doing this - is it actually going to happen?

        There's no official word beyond the developers saying its something they 'hope' to do. Plus it was originally pitched and envisioned as a multiplayer game. If it happens I'll be all over it.

    Is it coop?

      the quickest google search or even the above comment will answer that... No it isnt but everyone wishes it was and it will be... one day

      Not yet, the developers said that if sales of the stand alone game are good enough they would look into adding a co-op mode and eventually making it into a MMO type deal

        Isn't the MMO supposed to be a completely different game, though? I thought this game was kind of a trial run and the plan was to make the MMO afterwards if this was a success?

    ETA is a month for AU, at the earliest. Don't be surprised if it's longer.

    I real shame shame as there's plenty of us who are ready to purchase.

    I'm an aussie and I've been playing it since it was released. Seriously, don't be so lazy ffs! Create a US account and buy a digital prepaid points code. It gets emailed to you instantly. $20 = 1600msp for the game. Redeem, download and play on your main account. It's very easy. Just google a site that sells US points.

    The game is truly awesome and crazy addictive!! Soooo glad I bought it.

    I just made an XBL American account and yep you can play it on your Aussie one once you download it!!! WOOOO!!!!

    Even if that didn't work, setting up the American account was easy. If you wanna play it so bad just make the account.

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