Ubisoft's E3 Conference: Liveblog

Bugger it — might as well Liveblog the Ubi conference as well, eh?

Warning. I my fall asleep on my desssssssssssssssssskjslkjslkjsljhskhkkkkkkkkkk...

8.01 My body is not ready. It is not ready.

8.02: Let's jam to this bog standard blues riff friends. Let us jam.

8.04: Oh Rocksmith stuff. Think it's time for a pee break.

8.06: Dadrock. This is the kind of music my dad would totally play if he could play guitar. But he can't. My Dad is a cool guy though, he just can't play guitar.

8.07: I like Aisha. She's good at this. She actually is. Most of the time these presenters are terrible. She's good.

8.08: Whoa Splinter Cell is coming out in August. Didn't really see that coming. Thought it was a bit later. Oh well. Cool.

8.11: Serious question: I wonder how people will take Splinter Cell in a post-Edward Snowden world? Are people still willing to accept a character like Sam Fisher as the good guy?

8.14: Where is the game? SUPER FUN RIGHT?


(But sort of right)

8.15: Okay I take it back, they are showing the game now. It looks great. I loved the last Rayman, pretty much the only game I played extensively on the PS Vita.

8.20: I'm too tired to find this funny. Just show me Watchdogs thank you please.

8.22: Yessssss. South Park... wait is that it?

8.24: It's true — Ubisoft has always invested heavily in new consoles. It's worked well for them.

8.27: I hope this is by the team behind Driver, because that would be sick. I don't mind open world driving games. Enjoy them far more than the regular kind.

8.30: Seems like Multiplayer co-op is a big deal with this one. I very rarely play co-op. It's just never gelled with me at all. I'm a Dad now. I just grab gaming time when I can, don't really have time to co-ordinate with my 'buddies'.

8.33: Finding this demo a bit boring, but I recognise there is a set of people who are going to eat this game up something terrible.

8.36: Ha!

8.39: NSA joke! Yeah! Okay, Watch Dogs time. Let's watch and stuff.

8.42: See Watch Dogs has a cool concept, so I'm more than happy to indulge these pointless trailers. Because it gives me insight into a universe I'm invested in.

8.47: Yeah, I don't really have any comment on this. I love dancing though. I'm good at dancing. Next time you see me ask me to dance. I will bust out that jam.

8.50: This guy is video gaming's Slurms Mackenzie. He's been making party games for a decade. He's all partied out, poor bastard.


8.53: This is a weak showing from Ubi truth be told.

8.54: Pirates don't wear hoodies man. THEY JUST DON'T. THEY WEAR HATS. With skulls drawn on them! I just can't get with this program. Music is good though. Sigur Ros! Yay!

8.56: Aisha needs to learn a word that isn't 'fun'.

8.58: Also, let's be honest here — I think we should have been shown some real gameplay here. I feel like this is a game that need to be demoed more. Even that gameplay footage wasn't really that 'gameplayey'.

9.02: Oh sick! New Trials! Fusion looks like it has some sort of trick system? That could be interesting. Hopefully get to see more at some point.

9.08: Okay... new IP. Interesting...

9.11: Didn't they mention this was an RPG? I wonder what RPG elements it has... maybe I was hearing things. Ah okay, I'm getting it now, seems to be doing weird stuff with skills and whatnot.

9.17: Well that was pretty impressive! Great way to end the conference, but yeah... Tom Clancy? Do people still care about that? I guess so.

Alright that about does it for me! I'm going to have a wee break, grab some food and then I'll be back for Sony. Thanks for joining me again!


    re: Splinter Cell vs current NSA blowup, it won't matter.

    I'm a super hardcore civil libertarian, I loathe very nearly everything the US government does (and refuse to vote because I'm not going to be a part of the problem anymore), and yet I absolutely adore Splinter Cell, I was a huge fan of 24, etc. Why? Because it's NOT REAL LIFE. Governments don't look at game sales to dictate policy.

    Last edited 11/06/13 8:46 am

    Full Circle - Half moon run = song in ass creed trailer

    Whoever chooses the music for AC trailers does well every time :P
    Regardless, would have liked to see a short demo of actual gameplay rather than what amounts to cutscenes/cinematics.

    I have no idea what this game in NY is but it looks rad. Have to watch on mute :/

    I resent that comment. I'll put on pants when I damnwell please :P

    "Everybody watching online, go put some pants on"

    I politely refuse.

    Woah The Division looks awesome, really digging the RPG and Item collecting elements.

    if The Division doesn't come out for PC I will be very very sad :(

    Come to read this blog to see what was announced since I slept in, "New IP announced!" then you don't shed any details, this is one of the worst live blogs ever.

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