Valve Please Make This Team Fortress 2 Ned Kelly 'Hat' A Reality

Ned Kelly is an Australian Icon, a criminal, a folk hero — pretty much all of these things simultaneously. He's perhaps best known for totally making a suit of homemade armour, complete with a helmet, and confronting the a horde of policemen before being captured and sentenced to death by hanging. Now someone is attempting to make the Kelly gangs' legendary helmet available as a 'hat' in Team Fortress 2. I'm totally behind this endeavour.

"This is a make of the Kelly gangs legendary (Or, at least it is in Australia) helmets for the Sniper," reads the description. "Please share this around, It'd be so awesome if such a famous piece of Australian history got added."

I think it would be cool. I don't play Team Fortress 2, but still. Why not? The helmet has been deemed compatible with Team Fortress 2 which will make it easier to get approved, but at the moment it's still pending. Come on Valve, just give us our stupid Ned Kelly helmet!


    Yep, though I don't know about it being used for the Sniper, would've thought the Soldier class would be a better fit?

      Toss up between the Soldier being more relevant, and the Sniper being aussie. I'd say the Sniper, tbh. Though if it got included full stop, it'd be awesome.

        Agreed, although if this was able to be combined with the All-Father so the soldier had a big beard appearing underneath the bottom of the helmet...

        Very fair point. Sniper being australian does play the most prominent part doesn't it :) TF2 isn't exactly known for its 'realism' with its armour and shit lol.

    They should make his body armour for the misc slots.

    There's been a few of these that have come through the Workshop. There was even a full set of siege armour at one point. My suspicion is that a realistic Ned Kelly helmet is going to be too large and interfere a bit too much with the silhouette and targeting of the character. That said, they seem to get more and more lax on that stuff all the time, so I wouldn't bet money that it'd never happen. I suspect scaling it down a smidgen so its closer to the size of the snipers head would probably give it a better chance of getting through though.

    Failing that, a nice bushy bushranger beard might be a decent alternative

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      interfere a bit too much with the silhouette and targeting of the character
      I don't see it as being very different to this:

    Yeah totally.. But make it only available go people playing in Australia. That'd be win.

    Okay how about they have it go into a weapon slot that makes it so you can't get hit with a headshot but groin and leg shots are crits or mini crits :D

    Valve, don't make this. Ned Kelly represents Bogan culture.

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