Wait, Is Beyond: Two Souls A Metal Gear Game Now?

The video above was shown yesterday during Sony's E3 conference. It is of a game that, until now, we'd thought was about a young woman growing up with weird powers, working her way through a story featuring lots of rain, and emotions.

Then this turns up. And I was half-expecting Hideo Kojima to pop up at the end with a wink.

I almost wish it hadn't been shown, because it's one of the most arresting about-faces I've ever seen for a game's marketing campaign. Just when you thought you'd be controlling a girl growing up with supernatural powers - Sabrina meets Heavy Rain - you suddenly find it's Sabrina meets Heavy Rain meets Jason Bourne.

How amazing would it have been to go into the game, with Indigo Prophecy and Heavy Rain informing your expectations of a Quantic Dream, to suddenly hit a point with this?

It would have been one hell of a sucker punch. i hope the impact it made yesterday was worth the "spoiler".


    ............... most of this was present in previous trailers, the part that was mostly shown was about her being homeless happened after the military part.

    The events in game mostly go in an order such as

    Growing up, tests -------- Military ---------- Love life --------- Homeless ------------- ???????? ---------- End

    Does any else think this looks really lame and exploitative?

    I'm really hoping the military stuff happens FIRST, and is basically tutorial foo or set-up for explaining neurotic PTSD breakdown, invisible friend, and running wild and confused hunted by a government which wants to recover an asset... kind of thing.

    Pretty confident that's how it'll go. Having a 3rd-person desert-country insurgent-killing simulator as the payoff for all that 'emotions' stuff would be a pretty big letdown.

      So pretty much Rambo: First Blood.

        Nah! She's gotta be over 13, right??...

    who's that other guy that she serves with in the military? i'm sure i've seen him in some tv shows

      i got it, it's eric winter from the mentalist. i wonder why he's not credited?

    Personally, I really quite liked it. This story looks like it'll be epic.

    Looks great, though not a big fan of Ellen Page.

    I was really psyched for this game, but when I saw all the military stuff in the video during Sony's conference, I was like whoa whoa whoa, is this a different game or something.

    Now I don't know what to think about it.

    Luke, previous videos/other info released revealed the backstory somewhat... she actually serves in the military in the beginning, the military tries to use her powers as a weapon... she escapes and is on the run.... which is why everyone is after her...

    I'm so looking forward to this game. I loved Fahrenheit (indigo Prophecy?). Dude spins a good QTE riddled yarn.

    The prior vids clearly showed she was a military super soldier whooping ass for groceries. This is obviously back story. Perfectly on point with everything that has been shown. Not an issue at all. Kotaku picking shit on Sony whenever they can must be getting more difficult for the next next gen.

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