Watch Call Of Duty: Ghosts All Access Here!

I understand that it's 3.55am on a holiday Monday, but on the off chance that you are up (and awake) I thought it might be worth posting the Call of Duty: Ghosts All Access broadcast. Featuring a first look at the single player levels (and hopefully more of the CollarDuty dog) this will be our first look at the game in action before E3.

Enjoy. Then go to sleep. Seriously!


    Never fear sire! Your post had an audience even at this hour!

      Hey, I saw the article as well, but I'm not going to stay up to watch a stream for CoD. I probably won't see any videos for CoD until Gametrailers review for the game.

    Thanks for posting Mark, was up working on a uni assignment and this was good procrastination tool :P On a side note Riley the dog is awesome, may no harm come to him!

    When there's TorchLight 2 about, there is no sleep before 4am.

      hahah I can't tell you how many insomniac hours I've logged in that game!!

    doesn't evryone check here after their early morning drink milk from the bottle run?

    Got up because I thought the E3 press conferences are this morning in the AM :'(

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