Watch Dogs And Our Reality Has A Lot More In Common Than You Think

Ubisoft, hard at work creating the next big modern-day sandbox, Watch Dogs, has launched a website that shows us exactly how different their universe is compared to ours. Not too different, it turns out.

Basically, the website lets you look at data — tweets, facebook likes, emails, Instagram posts, Flickr photos, you name it — constantly being shared and traded, real-time, in three cities around the world; London, Berlin and Paris. It also gives you comprehensive information on various urban infrastructural elements, such as CCTVs and traffic lights. The point is to show that the hyper-connected reality Watch Dogs takes place in is already here, in the real world.

If you're not creeped out by this (and you probably should be), you can head over to the WeareData website to take a look at what's going down in each of those cities. Watch Dogs itself will hit on November 19 for PC and current-gen consoles, and later on for next-gen consoles.

WeareData [Ubisoft]


    OK thats pretty sweet. Loving this game more and more every day :)

    Faaaaaaaaaaaaark, that's scary. Would have been scarier if they included the actual CCTV footage when you clicked on it.

      I don't know the laws in Berlin or Paris, but you need to go to court in order to obtain CCTV footage in London.

      EDIT: Would be nice though you're right. :)

      Last edited 28/06/13 3:06 pm

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