Watch Dying Light's Characters Free-Run Their Way To Safety

In a new trailer released this morning, you can get a glimpse at a free-running scenario in the newly announced Dying Light, the next game from the makers of Dead Island. Stephen called it Mirror's Edge with the undead. And as you can see in the trailer above, that description feels pretty accurate.

We already knew there will be an abundance of melee weapons, but this trailer confirms it. Somewhere in the middle there you'll notice an electrified strike against an undead creature, probably the same weapon Stephen saw in his time spent with the game a few weeks ago.

Dying Light will come out for the PS4, Xbox One, PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 in 2014.


    Zombies and free-running.
    Tired of them both

    Last edited 08/06/13 2:14 pm

    Zombies and free-running

    i love when games have parkour in them, mirrors edge and syndicate were pretty good examples of parkour working well, hope this doesnt disappoint

    So why'd you sit and watch a video about a game that features free-running and zombies?

      because he said he was tied of Zombies and free-running, not free-running and zombies....

      pretty much to bitch and troll...

      Last edited 08/06/13 6:56 pm

    Zombies and free-running.
    This is going to be amazing.

    Say what you will about their games, those guys have mastered the art of the game trailer.

    Looking forward to this - I personally thought Dead Island was awesome, was more like a borderlands style loot game than reviews/comments let on.

    ...and using Run Boy Run by Woodkid as the trailer music sold me for sure - my fav artist at the moment.

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