Watch The First 8 Minutes Of The New Ghost In The Shell Right Here

Back in February, we showed you the first trailer of the newest instalment of the Ghost in the Shell franchise, Ghost in the Shell: Arise. With the Japanese theatre release of the first chapter, border: 1 Ghost Pain, a week away, fans are getting a special gift: the first eight minutes of the film are now online.

There are currently two versions to choose from. The first, from the Japanese PlayStation channel, has the whole clip in glorious HD (see below). Sadly it lacks subtitles. Luckily, the version found on the official Japanese Ghost in the Shell page (see the top of the page) has English and Chinese captions — though the clip is only in SD quality.

Ghost in the Shell: Arise border: 1 Ghost Pain will be released in Japanese theatres on June 22, 2013. No international release date has been announced but the Japanese Blu-Rays, which include English subtitles, will be released on July 26, 2013.

Ghost in the Shell Arise's 1st 8 Minutes Posted with English Subs [Anime News Network]


    I don't think there are enough emoticons or animated gifs on the internet to express my interest in this.

    Meh. None of the other properties have been a patch on the original film. Animation looks pretty average too.

    I mean, sure, I'll watch it, but I'm not hoping for much. God damn the film is a masterpiece though. I must've watched it at least once a year for the last 15 years.

    Woah. Just saw the android fight scene. That sucked. Seriously poor production values.

      Wait for it to come out before coming to any conclusions. I really didn't like SAC when it first came out but after a while it really, really grew on me. Would agree that it wasn't better than the first film but it was a different medium

        That's a good point. But from what I saw in the above preview, it looks like more SAC. Which for most is a good thing.

      Are you kidding? Stand Alone Complex would have to rate as some of the most insightful and well-written science-fiction ever put to screen. I'm talking proper sci-fi, not space opera fantasy like Firefly or Star Wars. Not to say the two Oshi films aren't great, but they're geared more toward the abstract philosophical and existential.

      Last edited 15/06/13 9:11 pm

        Just because it's a good concept doesn't make it a great show. It's a really well visualised world, but the show itself has very uneven pacing, is frequently boring and the animation often looks cheap. Granted, it's been a few years since I've watched it though.

        I also think the 2nd GITS film is unbearable story wise. In the 1st the philosophy had a purpose, in the 2nd, the characters just quote long minutes of rubbish to each other that neither extends the plot or has a great purpose. It's just Oshii being incredibly self indulgent I think.

        I'm not saying your wrong, but for me, the 1st film is a masterpiece, the series are good but uneven (plot wise and technically) and the 2nd film is a beautiful looking load of rubbish. I still watch it every couple of years but it was a big disappointment for me.

        If you really like harder sci-fi, you'll probably like the first 2/3rds of Sunshine. Some really cool concepts in that film.

          By the same token, you should check out Akta Manniskor (aka Real Humans) - A Danish live-action series about the near-future when life-like androids have become a reality.

          I'm not saying that GITS: SAC is flawless (or any of the GITS iterations, for that matter) but I would suggest that their various failings are due to the trappings of the anime genre (stilted or over-drawn dialogue, cost-cutting animation etc), not the quality of the ideas.

          Whether they're well-executed or not, the ideas they present make me think in a way that other sci-fi rarely does.

            Well said! I mostly agree but I have seen anime's that have better storylines. the concepts are awesome, but some of the stories are just... meh.

            I will totally check out that series. Thanks!

            I'm assuming you've seen blade runner? :P

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