Watch This Documentary About Sydney's Local Indie Developers

Despite the fact that Brisbane and Melbourne is better known for its game development pedigree, there's a fairly burgeoning scene here in Sydney and its growing. Student Yawen Song put together a documentary focusing on Sydney's game development scene and managed to shrink five hours of interview footage into a really well made documentary.

Folks involved in the local scene will recognise a few faces, but even if you don't, the documentary provides a great insight into the life of local indie developers. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Considering it was for a school assignment, it's actually really well done.


    I can only hope any industry grows in Australia. All the best to those guys and girls.

    School assignment, eh? Wish I could have done a school assignment like this.

    Very nicely done.

    I see Indie development just causing so many talented artists to burn themselves out by placing so much time and effort into making something which is essentially just another one of many thousands of average Iphone games

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