We Can Ace This 120-Question Nerd Equivalency Test Together

At last weekend's Denver Comic Con, animator and syndicated cartoonist Rich Moyer assembled a team of 120 characters from games, comics, science fiction and fantasy, and challenged children to name each one. Are you guys going to let children show us us?

Moyer provided a numbered answer sheet for this limeted edition poster, available now for purchase on Etsy, but we need no numbered answer sheet. All we need is the power of annotation and the combined minds of the Kotaku conglomerate. We are Legion.

Also, don't think I see Legion in there.


    Ill take the easy ones
    1. Astro Boy
    2. Superman
    3. Louis Lane
    4. Spiderman
    5. Sam
    6. Max
    7. Asterix
    8. Obelix
    9. Deadpool
    10. Human Torch
    11. Steve
    12. Boba Fett
    13. TARDIS?
    14. Captain America
    15. Alien
    16. Batman
    17. Magneto
    18. Stan Lee
    19. Darth Vader
    20. Peter Griffin
    21. Homer Simpson
    22. Silver Surfer
    23. Princess Leia
    24. Jabba the Hutt
    25. Venom
    26. Wolverine
    27. Freddy Kreuger
    28. Vendetta
    29. Michael Angelo
    30. Yoda
    31. Thor
    32. The Thing
    33. ET
    34. Falcon
    35. Kenny
    36. Finn The Human
    37. Jake The Dog
    Thats all i Got

      I'll give you Fat Freddy and Phineas Phreak, Tank Girl, and Judge Dredd.

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    For anyone who isn't aware, what Mike means by 'the power of annotation' is the annotation function on the Kotaku US site, which is not available in the Australian version of Kotaku. . .

    So once again a US author has cut and pasted a US article onto the Australian site without actually checking to see what he had written even worked on this site. . .

      To be fair, I think it's an automated process, I'd be surprised if the US authors are aware of our existence. All the human side of things is done on our end (I believe Mark gets to yes/no what shows up, in which case he would have done this one because it's a cool picture).

    I see:
    Jessica Rabbit.
    Alfred E Neuman (The mad magazine guy)

    I'm done :/

    Never expect to see Maus or Madman here. Nice.

      And Fone Bone, Usagi Jojimbo, Cerebus and the Maxx! Quite complete.

      Also, the grand-daddies of the medium, The Yellow Kid and krazy katt! Weird not to see Little Nemo, though.

        Where's Fone Bone at?

          Below E.T. and Juggernaut, between Spiderman and power Girl, and above Thor's spinning hammer.

            Oh, that little white guy.
            I was thinking of Don Martin's guy from that one Mad comic.

        Oh no way the Maxx aswell. Thats awesome. Sam Keith is one of my favorites.

    Dazzler, elketra, bizzaro, venom, punisher, luke cage, beta ray bill, jessica rabbit(possibly), red skull

    Front row
    Tank girl? Leia and jabba, batman, spawn, Not sure on the big stone guy, Thor, Thor side kick (loki?), oblix, stan lee, astrix, wolverine, cylon, freddy, judge dredd

    Having a good look I think I could do around half of them

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