We Have An Australian Price For The Xbox One [Update]

And that price is...

$599 Australian. That's the RRP according to a representative from Microsoft Australia.

In addition, Microsoft has also confirmed that, as one of the launch territories mentioned in the conference, the Xbox One will be available in Australia in November 2013.

We'll have more details soon, but that's the word for now.

What are your early thoughts? Too much? I think it seems fair considering the US is being charged $499.95. It's a much better deal than we've received in the past.


    I hope this is a joke because the conversation rate from USD $499 is $528. Where is the extra $72 come from?

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      Shipping over seas costs + You are not american so sucked in costs!

        Shipping seems like a very interesting line for people to take if the product is manufactured in Asia. Because theoretically it would cost more to ship to the US. Just thinking out loud.

          just be thankful we arent in europe. they getting charged like 499.95 euros which converts to over $600

          Be silent with that logical thinking of yours. You sound like one of those people that complained when Australians still paid much more for games when the AUD was stronger than the USD....

      The US price is prior to their sales tax, and ours is after the GST.

      Adding in GST, the conversion goes up to $580. So we're being charged an extra $20 on top of a direct conversion. Pretty good, I'd say.

      GST. American prices never include sales tax.

      Why do people always make this same mistake?

      $528 + $52.80 tax. Remember the US price doesn't include tax either.

      Shipping? VCR's are quite heavy



        That's so funny - I will assume that you are some sort of comedian PRETENDING to be an internet troll

        No, seriously, that's the smartest, funniest, most original and well thought out comment i've ever read

        WELL DONE.

      528*1.1(For the GST)= ~$581 so they take an extra 18 bucks or so, I'm cool wit dat to be honest

      Try checking the conversion rate closer to launch. You might just find with taxes, if this price holds up we are actually in front. So wouldn't surprise me if aus price increases prior to launch

      GST is something that needs to be factored in and the fact we have a higher minimum wage is also something to consider. It's 70 bucks, that's a really fair price gap, I don't understand the whining.

      I won't be buying one but I think that's a fair price considering the past launch prices we have seen.

    I don't believe it. If the Wii U is still going for what - $400+

    Price drop incoming.

      The Wii U hardware is basically current-gen, except for the GamePad. Its price competitors are the PS3 and Xbox 360 - and, on current sales, it's losing that particular war.

    $599 isn't too bad! It's still a rip off but it's a lot better than what I was expecting, $800-$900 like most other console launches! Gives me hope for the PS4 price. Thanks for tracking this down Mark.

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    Sounds good. $50 cheaper than the 360 console at launch, and a lot less than I was expecting :D

    That's still tonnes cheaper than when the 360 came out here, thank god! PS3 was $1000 and 360 was around $800 so I'm totally fine with $600


      Don't BUY the thing, man! Horrible anti-consumer policies, remember?

        Obvious bait and switch, reduced console price to remain competitive, but will ream customers later on.

    Way, way too much for what they're offering. No way I'm going to pick this up on launch at that price point.

    If the PS4 is significantly cheaper I can't see any reason to buy the Xbone.

      Why would the PS4 be any cheaper? That seems about right for a launch price, and has mentioned that's cheaper than both the 360 and PS3 were at launch - not even taking into account inflation.

        PS4 doesn't have to ship the Kinect.

          They do all ship with the PS4 Eye tho afaik...

    Not bad for a launch price, but not enough to sway me in its favour with the amount of other issues connected to the XBone.

      You mean all those imaginary issues the internet keeps talkin up?

    I called $650-$699. This isn't surprising to me though. Good call Msoft.

    Not at all terrible. For a brand new launch console in Aus that's pretty good.

    Still not buying one as of yet. Some neat games and a decent price aren't going to cover all the other questions they didn't touch.

    $599 for an Xboner aint bad, but dont be impressed until if you see if it works! & doesnt over heat...

    Just for some perspective. The 360 slim/Kinect bundle is $400 at eb. And the actual 360 is 8 years old (not the redesign)

    The Playstation 3 was $599 US at launch and it was $999 in Aus. So I'm pretty stoked that it's not a HUGE hike like it normally is. That's a great price in my opinion.

    Surprisingly not as much as I was expecting, especially when they have to factor in GST and stuff. Still, I'm going to take my money and invest it in a new graphics card.

    Good price but I'm still not sold on the DRM policies, XBL paywall and mandatory Kinect. No thanks.

    SOLD! :P Honestly.. If that REALLY is the price.. I have no real qualms. That's not surprising for the current prices of tech stuff, and JB or whoever will probably have some deal going.

    I have no real qualms with the DRM and I have unlimited 24/7 internet connection, and if I don't I have an iPhone with Tethering.. so this seems pretty ok to me!

    The source of the above article is ?

    US price probably does not include sales tax... So fairly comparable

    This doesn't sound right, if Europe is getting charged $660-680 ish, then why is it lower here. Maybe I'm overly cynical, but it doesn't sound right for MS not to be ripping us off.

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