What Announcements Should Sony Make Now?

What Announcements Should Sony Make Now?

After giving Microsoft a purple nurple for the ages just about 24 hours ago — attacking the idea that game consoles should have online check-in requirements and used game restrictions — what the hell could Sony do for an encore? We have a few ideas.

Seriously, though, did you see Jack Tretton on stage last night? That was the look of a man who knew he killed the room — and liked that feeling a lot.

Speaking from experience, however, even when you’re cookin’, there’s a tendency to over-tag one’s material. If we left him up on stage, what else might Jack say before he got the hook?

Here in the office, we came up with …

Sony: PS4 Games Cost $US49.99, Have No Copy-Protection

Sony Drops Price of PS4 — Will Now Pay YOU $US399 to Get One

PS Plus Now Offers Two Free Consoles Per Month

Sony: Third-Party Publishers Will apologise to You If Their Games Are Bad

PS4 Confirms Both Backwards and Forwards Compatibility

Preorder Gran Turismo 6, Get Six Exclusive Cars. Real Ones.

PlayStation 4 will Have 4D Support

PlayStation 5 will Play Used Xbox One Games

How about you? What wildass promise should Sony make now?


    • No no, PS5 will play “used” XBox One games without requiring an online connection to check up on you every 24 hours.

  • What could Sony do next? Bring out the PS4 a month earlier than the X1. A free 12 month plus subscription if you activate a PS4 before a set date. Trade in your PS3 and get a further $150 off your PS4. By a PS4 and get a free Vita or get $100 off a Vita.

    • nice. I like all your suggestions (I wouldnt trade my ps3 in though until I know exactly how their backwards compatibility streaming system works)

  • Serious suggestion: They should announce that they’re dropping the Australian price by $50.

  • Everyone is treating this like Sony is the golden gaming company that will do everything opposite that Microsoft has announced. Everyone forgets that Sony is part of the MPAA and RIAA. Rootkit scandal anyone?. Sony is a big player and supporter of DRM. MS is not perfect but make no mistake about this… Sony can do what MS has announced and they can U turn this anytime they see fit. You all have been warned.

    My point it now comes down to when buying new gen consoles this time around is if you want to be ***ked up front by Microsoft or down the track slowly but surely be ***ked by Sony whilst they fund and support more MPAA and RIAA. Vote with your wallet and stick to the PC at least some games old and new can truly be played offline.

    • You’re ignoring the fact that Sony is a large corporation made up of different divisions(not unlike MS), and those divisions act differently, and sometimes inconsistently. Sony Music, and Sony Pictures are responsible for the main ‘crimes’ listed above.

      SCE is better in general, although still a little schitzophrenic.

    • “Everyone is treating this like Sony is the golden gaming company that will do everything opposite that Microsoft has announced.”
      No… people are treating Sony as a “golden gaming company” because they are listening to their customers, and MS is not.
      MS have a lot to answer for with their disabling features on PC for the MPAA (the old full screen video mirroring they removed to encorporate HDCP.. consumers didn’t ask for it, and didn’t want it, same goes for the xBox changes like used games, that even the publishers (who’ve been demanding it for years) want to distance themselves from, now they’ve seen the backlash.

      In short we all know Sony has done wrong in the past (and I mean the the Computer Entertainment division… not even looking at the rest on Sony), but at least they seem to be trying to keep their customers happy.

    • So you’re looking at Sony as a whole company is evil…

      Rootkit scandal – Solely on Sony BMG (which is owned by Sony America)…

      Sony is part of MPAA and RIAA (Name me one movie studio that is not part of the MPAA or one record label this not part of the RIAA??)

      If Sony is a big supporter of DRM then the PS3, PS Vita and the PS4 would have their games regioned locked like what Microsoft has done with the 360 and continues with the Xbone

      Don’t get me wrong Sony has backtracked on things before (removal of Install Other OS option on PS3, Backwards compatiblity on PS3) but Sony needed to get on the front foot in relation to DRM and solely put on the publishers hands since the console will allowed used games with no issue.

      On PC – DRM is pretty much accpeted to a point but also some of the worse DRM issues have come from PC games (remember Diablo 3, SimCity and even uPlay saga)

      I will vote with my wallet and buy a PS4 and upgrade my PC…

      • Urgh I hadn’t realised Son’y position fully. I hang my head; BUT!! I can still hope they’re not going to be evil from now on… at least if the PS4 is their olive branch and not merely good buisness sense… I hope…

    • All the major console makers mix triumph with misery. Sony are definitely “evil”, but they’ve chosen to be only very slightly more evil than before (PS+ for online multiplayer). Microsoft, though, have actively sought to innovate and expand on their “evilness”.

      When it comes to associations with the MPAA/ RIAA, you’re quite right about Sony, but Microsoft is going the extra mile with a recent Kinect patent, where: “The users consuming the content on a display device are monitored so that if the number of user-views licensed is exceeded, remedial action may be taken”. That’s a whole new level of DRM.

      As for sticking to PC, which OS are you using for your gaming, may I ask?

  • Sony announces PlayStation 5 development has commenced as a Kickstarter. All backers at the $499 tier and above get a console and a launch title.

    I actually think the “Sony: Third-Party Publishers Will apologise to You If Their Games Are Bad” isn’t such a crazy idea.

  • “Tretton: We’re out of condoms after our E3 conference. Currently restocking, more announcements in the coming days.”

  • PS4 to come in the next AIBO robot dog. Will come with synthetic drool and tongue for face licking when you come home from work.

  • Zelda exclusive for the Playstation.

    The PlayStation actually emits a frequency that targets women and sends hypnotic suggestions that it’s ok for a man to play as much video games as possible.

  • PS4 will do away with the “Press START” screen across all titles.
    PS4 Camera will scan your DLC codes provided by retailers

  • I don’t think people get the idea of this article. You’re supposed to think of comical, ridiculous things that Trenton could announce, not things you think would be cool

  • “PlayStation 5 will Play Used Xbox One Games”

    The irony of course is that with Gaikai, that is actually possible …

  • How about we actually hear about the services and infrastructure behind PS+? Are they using the GaiKai servers? Have they built datacentres like Azure? How many servers are they using exactly? What regions are being covered? Is it dedicated servers or P2P online?

    It seems to me that X1 missed this part to drill Sony back after the DRM drilling they received…

  • PS4 can read your mind and will replay Trettons speech every time you think about buying an xbone!

  • I wouldn’t mind them making the PS4 backwards compatible with PS3 controllers. I have 3 of them, I don’t want to buy a whole new set.

  • Oh Kotaku, such glorious journalism. I think you really are right- there’s basically nothing Sony can do at this point to get better rep- they are already the best. But hey- my future PS5 being able to run used Xbone games WOULD both be a good selling point AND quite likely given how hard Microsoft is shooting themselves in the head. They wa shock!

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