What Are You Playing This Weekend?

This weekend I am flying to Los Angeles for E3, so I'll be playing whatever I decide to take on my 3DS. That's it! Also I'll probably be working. And jet-lagged. And trying to stay awake against all the odds. What are playing this weekend?

On my list is Fire Emblem, which I still haven't started, and Donkey Kong Country Returns — which I'm super keen to play again. I suspect I might get stuck into Fire Emblem on the flight over, since I suspect it's the kind of game that requires a serious investment of time. DKCR, on the other hand, strikes me as the kind of game I might play on the train when I get home.

Any other suggestions for the 3DS?


    I wonder if you have heard of this little game called Luigi's Mansion 2, not sure but you might like it :P
    As for me, Darksiders 2, which I am enjoying more then I thought I would, plus a possible cheap game from EB if I have a look see at lunch.
    Plus, of course, SKYRIM!

      I have heard of it, and I actually finished it last weekend *fist-pump* That's pretty exciting for me because it usually take me soooo long to finish games nowadays.

      Case-in-point: Assassin's Creed III. That's what I'm playing this weekend, for maybe the 4th week in a row. I am making progress, but I keep falling prey to my standard stupid open-world-OCD-gotta-finish-every-side-quest syndrome. I'm at mission 8 or 9 but have basically no side missions left, so I should be able to plow through and finish it before the (long) weekend is over.

      Also playing Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D. It's *ok*, but not as great as I'd hoped. They somehow managed to screw up the controls, too. 4 face-buttons? Let's make 2 for jump and 2 for roll, rather than replicating one of the trigger actions in case that's what you prefer. Wanna use the D-Pad? Then you have to go into the menu and change the control scheme to activate it, which changes the rest of the button layout to something completely different?! Bah!

    Will be hitting up Marvel heroes, if the servers stay up long enough.
    Going to go trade in luigis mansion 2 and my mario bros for the 3Ds for something enjoyable, i just want animal crossing dammit!!

    More Luigis Mansion 2 and some cheapo Batman AC. Gaming will be limited due to my darling daughters second birthday, with an excursion to Australia Zoo on the cards (on a long weekend too....may the Gods be merciful /cringe).

    Just found Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines. Why did no one tell me about this earlier?

    Also, I'm going to try out the BG Reloaded mod for NWN2.

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      Make sure you download ALL patches for that game before playing, there is a section about midway where you CANNOT progress without the patches, i had to wait 6 months for a patch when it first came out :(

      Great game tho, one of the best Vampire games there is.

    Just got Virtue's Last Reward in the post, so might try that and see if I can dodge the save game bug!

    Also P3P, and others I'm too embarassed to mention.

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      Hey ash, don't be embarrassed about Atelier Meruru - it's all about 'moe' :-)

      I walked into EB and bought Rorona, Totori and Meruru and each time the dude/gal behind the counter didn't bat an eyelash. I think people are more accepting of the genre than you might believe.

      I'll be starting the Atelier games soon, if I can just finish Okami HD this weekend - boy is that a great game!

        I played it for the first time last night. At first I wasn't sure but before I knew it I was sucked in :P You can't be exposed to those levels of cuteness and not smile/ relax.

        Once you 've started playing we need to generate some chatter in TAY and spread the moe love :)

    I could list dozens of games you can play on the 3DS but you sound way to procrastinating, so I won't bother.

    I'll most likely play Uncharted 2 and see if I can get a cheap copy of Remember Me.

    - Gunpoint
    - The Swapper
    - Prime World: Defenders

    Just bought them all yesterday, going to enjoy a new tower defense game.
    Gunpoint looks funny, trailer on steam cracked me up so I bought it.

      Gunpoint is hilarious and a tonne of fun. Kind of short though at about 1-2 hours long. Worth the 10 bucks on Steam though.

    I'm going to try and play WoW with my unstable internet connection, but failing that I might play Kamen Rider: Battride War or GTA4

    I'm going to get acquainted with Fire Emblem myself. I also need to sink some time into Persona 4 on Vita... There goes all the hours right there :)

    Going to continue Tomb Raider. Really enjoying it.

    Splitting time between Rome: Total War, Empire: Total War (going to finally try and get into it), Football Manager 13, Crusader Kings 2 and Metal Gear Solid for breaks from strategy

    Rayman origins $12.50 @ Dick Smith. Plus pinball and pool with my BBQ guests (just gotta ckean up first :-) )

    I had been offline at home for the past five months until yesterday. I cannot begin to express teh feeling of joy last night.

    I have several xbox games to chose from (Injustice, Halo 4, BlOps2, NBA 2k13, Prototype 2) all of which I will prob have a jam online because I can.

    I'm keen on getting a new XBLA game though, any suggestions?

      * And Kinect too. I can finally download my free copy of Gunslinger and Fruit Ninja. POW

    State of decay which is the best zombie game I have played in years and Fable 2 getting into the hype of Fable 4 and Fable anniversary

    Going to try and finish up Bioshock Infinite.

    Also, more KH BBS Final Mix side stuff, and probably something on 3DS.


    NG+ Four Kings, Gwyn, then Sif and PLATINUM, baby!

      Freind is posting me Demon's Souls now I have a PS3 - is that close enough to satisfy you?

        Demon souls is currently free on ps+. Downloaded it yesterday :-)

          Can't download due to shitty internet at home :'(

    I'll finally be able to play though Dead Space 3 co-op with my house mate

      That can't be done split screen, can it? My wife is super butthurt she can't get the extra achievements for finishing all side objectives because some have to be done in co-op and none of her XBL friends have it. We have a spare 360 (we replaced it awhile back because it was on it's last legs) but no second TV, plus we'd have to get a second copy of the game.

        unfortunately not, no local co-op ... I was annoyed because it means I'd have to buy a second game and considering how I really don't like the single player, I'm only doing this because I want to play something co-op with my housemate and he's crazy about the games.

    I'll be going on a Meat Bicycle tour of Pandora with friends in BL2. I'll also probably put some time into Persona 4 Arena, Ragnarok Odyssey and Code of Princess. I'm also going to try out Dust 514 and the Project X-Zone demo.

    Investments and Portfolio Management exam learning simulator Semester 1 2013 Edition.

    I don't recommend it.

      I assume by 'investment' they mean buying the right games (i.e. no lemons) and by 'portfolio management' they mean managing your pile of shame?

        Oddly enough I did write up a list of my pile of shame yesterday while procrastinating and trying to decide which games I wanted to play from it more than others and which games I should and shouldn't buy in the future :P

    Going to be playing two survival games - State of Decay and Don't Starve :)

      ... but state of decay isn't out in australia yet. Tell me your secrets, internet wizard

        I created a US account and bought it :P

    Getting around to playing Assassin's Creed 3. Started it about a week ago but holy balls does it have a long introduction sequence. It seems to be taking forever to actually get going.

    I dunno. CiV. The Cave (board game). Maybe something from recent Humble Bundles. I started on Dead Space 3 but it feels so clunky that despite the interesting story I'm not sure how I feel about continuing.

      Word of advice about Dead Space 3. Most of the side quests are really pointless and a complete waste of time. It'll only make your gaming experience more tedious.

      The only ones worth doing are the first two.

        I'll take that under advisement but once I get used to how the game controls I'll probably play for the sake of playing, I'm not really in a hurry. I guess once I get to a tedium break point I'll just race to the end.

          Factoring all the side quests, the game took me 18 hours to complete. It should have just been 10-12 hours total but there was so much unnecessary padding going on.

          All in all, its an embarassment to the Dead Space franchise. EA/Visceral Games really killed it.

          Way too repetitive.

            My wife noted that she finished it in 18 hours, but she actually liked the side content.

            I'll play it for the sake ofp laying it and see how it goes.

            Embarrassment to the Dead Space franchise? I wouldn't go that far. I actually think it was better than Dead Space 2 overall and was paced better overall. Dead Space 2 I just got the feeling I was following a linear path down corridors, and I didn't get that feeling with Dead Space 3.

            The first few hours of the game felt a bit tedious, when you need to fly around space assembling parts to fix the transport, but once you got down to the planet it finally started to open up and was enjoyable from that point.

            I will say though, and I don't think it's too much of a spoiler, that the story doesn't really start making any kind of sense until quite late in the game. So don't expect to start putting all the pieces together until then.

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              I considered an "embarassment" because I genuinely felt that this game lacks that dark, creepy atmosphere like the first two did.

              Plus, I thought there was way too much emphasis on the action, weapon crafting and the story really dragged out for too long with Isaac going around 'fixing' way more things than he did in the first two. The 'horror' was also non-existent in my opinion.

              I'm very glad I cancelled my pre-order and rented it instead.

              I guess I'm very old school when it comes to survival horror.

                None of the Dead Space games are really truly survival horror. Not once during any of the three games did I find myself panicking because I was running out of ammo or supplies.

                It's obviously been a while since you played the original as well, because in that Isaac basically goes from one point to another to fix stuff almost the entire game.

                DS3 may not have been as dark and creepy as the original, but personally I enjoyed the change of scenery. Each to their own I guess.

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                  "It's obviously been a while since you played the original as well, because in that Isaac basically goes from one point to another to fix stuff almost the entire game."

                  You shouldn't make such presumptions. How do you know that? Maybe I did. You didn't think of that did you?

                  BTW, if you don't consider Dead Space to be true survival horror? Then I guess Resident Evil and Silent Hill weren't either. Don't make me laugh mate. Not all survival horror games need to be like Amnesia.

                  Get over yourself.


                  You shouldn't make such presumptions. How do you know that? Maybe I did. You didn't think of that did you?

                  I made the comment about it being a while since you played the original, because you said:

                  "the story really dragged out for too long with Isaac going around 'fixing' way more things than he did in the first two."

                  I replied by saying that was purely almost all he seemed to do in the original game. My comment about it being a while since you played the original was based on the fact that you seem to have forgotten how much stuff needed "fixing" in that game. Virtually half your objectives involved needing to fix something...in fact your very first objective once boarding the Ishimura is to fix the communication blackout. It's always go here, fix something. Get the power running. Re-fuel the engine. Activate the elevators. Re-route power. Restore life support. Fix the array. Repair the shuttle.

                  I could keep going but I think you get the point.

                  BTW, if you don't consider Dead Space to be true survival horror? Then I guess Resident Evil and Silent Hill weren't either.

                  The original Resident Evil and Silent Hill were different. In those games, you REALLY needed to properly balance how you used your resources and ammo. If you didn't, you were screwed. I said I never got that feeling playing any of the Dead Space games. Ammo and health packs were always plentiful enough to never really be a problem, so it never really felt like it had that "survival" element to it to me.

        I actually liked the side quests and the rewards at the end of them made them worth it. I played through it in single player though and there's a few side quests in there that are co-op only, which is a bit of a bummer, so I couldn't get 100% completion.

    Going to put some more hours on Toki Tori 2 on Wii U. This game is severely underrated.

    @kermitron sorry, reply fail :S

    The Cave (board game)

    Please elaborate. For example: what is it? Who do you play with?

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      It's a co-op board game where you place down tiles to explore a cave - the tiles are randomly drawn to there's a lot of variation in how the "board" will look when you're done, and the tiles get more complex as you work through the stack (the tiles are divded into four phases).

      Some tiles have wonders on them - water features, squeeze points, etc. Some increase the depth of the cave as well, so you get extra points the deeper you go.

      There's a resource management component to it as well, since you have a limited inventory and will need to periodically restock.

      I've only played one test game with my wife but I'm having friends over this weekend so we'll see how it goes with four.

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        Yes this sounds good. I am looking for further entertainment options for my wife and I, however she is suepr competitive so traditional versus type games are no good. Co-op ones like you describe seem rare, unless there are others you can suggest?

          I'm interested in Space Cadets, where you each take on the role of a bridge officer and respond to scenarios played out at intervals determined by, I believe, a soundtrack/ambient noisetrack. However I think Space Cadets is 3-5 players whereas The Cave is 2-5.

          I'll get Space Cadets to play with friends once we've determined how committed we are to tabletop gaming. I could never get the wife interested in D&D, so... baby steps.

    Hopefully finish C&C original, then start on Red Alert.

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