What Are You Playing This Weekend?

This weekend I've got a birthday party to run for my son, which means I sense a fair amount of Mario Chase and also going deaf on the horizon. Also, this little thing called The Last Of Us, if I get a quieter moment.

Also on my list to knock over is finally finishing Ocarina Of Time 3D — I've been sitting on near complete for MONTHS, and maybe playing some Kingdom Rush Frontiers on the iPad. In the retro corner, I think I'll take another crack at Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's Trap. I also just found some LR-43 batteries I forgot I had, which means it will be on... like Donkey Kong.

What about you? What's on your weekend gaming schedule?


    I may try clock Gunslinger on Kinect. Started playing a couple nights ago and was very intuitive.

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    And also Luigi's Mansion 2 and Ace Attorney

    Just bought The Last of Us this morning and am about to fire it up.

    My first R18 videogame purchase. awwwww

      Wow, it will be for me too. A moment in history!

        It's my third, God Of War: Ascension was my first and Dead Island: Riptide was my second.

    Still hoping The Last of Us arrives today in the mail. Although not holding my breath considering how slack australia post are. Was hoping to have a full weekend of it. So will probably end up continuing with Assassin's Creed Revelations.

      Same here, I'll be playing The Last of Us if it arrives. Hurry up postman!

    If you ain't on that Animal Crossing I don't even want to hear it.

    Dress-ups hype.

      So keen it shouldn't be legal.
      I'm staying up and downloading it at midnight.

      Animal Crossing.
      Like there was any other option.

      Got my pre-order at EB all paid off, bracing so hard for impact.

      It's depressing how keen I am for it.

      That my friend, is the correct answer. Have a tim tam.

    Gotten back into skyrim! Lost my companion about 20 hours back in a cave. Got a new one following me now and keep freaking out when I turn around. Also fire emblem shadow dragon on ds because I don't have a 3ds yet :(

    Last of Us, Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D, Deadlight (which is surprisingly enjoyable) and, Nintendo willing, Animal Crossing.

    Rayman origins and maybe try the atmosfear dvd game lol. Anyone played it b4? Is it good/stupid/needs to be burned?

      If it's as amazing as the VHS version then yes, it is amazing.

      STOP! Whoooo was the player who moved last? SPEAK UP!

        Cool! I have the VHS Atmosfear 'the harbingers' as well. Found an avi of the vhs to make it easier to set that up. Also got atmosfear :khufu the mummy minus the actual dvd :-( All thanks to my local op shop :-) Will give it a go!

    Still digging through my pile of shame, but need to finish Bioshock Infinite.

    I'll probably cave in on my promise not to buy new games and grab Animal Crossing as well.

      My Pile of Shame Year continues.

      This weekend: Crysis

        Don't worry, that one is in my pile too. All three of them.

    I have 1000G'd Dark Souls \o/

    So am returning to a New York where the snow falls like ashes from post-apocalyptic skies.


    The Last of Us, maybe Animal Crossing as well if I decide to leave the house to get it, weekend releases are always a pain for me.

    I'm tempted to buy Last of Us, but at the same time I'm still addicted to Dark Souls. Just finished the Demon Ruin's and moved onto Lost Izalith, not sure how far away the end is.

      That depends on what bosses you have done? Gravelord Nitto and 4 kings done yet?

    If it arrives, The Last of Us - but it probably won't so likely Mario Galaxy 2.

    Welp, I borrowed my housemates 3ds and I'm finally having a go at Ocarina of Time considering I've never played it before. I told some friends and they glared at me for not playing that and then tried to get me to buy that animal crossing game and fire emblem

    The Last of Us, if I get to a JBHiFi this afternoon.

    And maybe continuing my run through ACII.

    Animal - goddamit i waited since 2010 e3 for this - crossing

    Last of Us

    Animal Crossing

    Last of Us

    Animal Crossing

    Rinse and repeat for a few hundred hours or so.

    Will pick up The Last Of Us at lunchtime today. Then I shall play it as much as possible over the weekend.

    Animal Crossing, yet more BF3 (another double XP weekend!), probably break out some more Arma 3 custom missions (sniper kits! \o/), and maybe test Zoombies (Arma 3 DayZ port) a bit more.

    Like so many others, Last of Us. It's days like this I really don't want to be working... need money to buy games, but getting money means practically no time to play said games. Glad they released it on a Friday globally, tho, so no need to worry about spoilers covering the internet for days before I can play it.

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