What Are You Playing This Weekend?

So I'm finally home from E3, and I finally have a weekend at my disposal. Maybe I'll finally get to play some video games for once? The only question is — which one?

I'll probably be playing The Last Of Us. I went through the first hour or so of the game on Wednesday, but in addition to work and having a baby and climbing and whatnot, I'm finding less and less free time to actually sit down and play a video games. The spare hour or two I get is far more suited to absent mindedly watching a TV show like Game of Thrones or Mad Men.

But I am determined to play The Last Of Us. I love Naughty Dog's work and from what I've played so far it looks like the manifestation of all the work they've previously done pushed onto something with almost literary aspirations. That's the wrong way to phrase it, and it's probably a stupid sentence, but The Last Of Us feels heavy. It has thematic weight. I think this is something I could get behind.

What are you all planning to play this weekend?


    Finished Last of Us - So emotional!
    I'd recommend to anyone to play it on the hardest setting, makes it a different game. Could see a sequel/prequel or spin off to this game in the future :)

    I'll be finishing off The Last of Us.

      Likewise, although I'm having to play in small chunks due to time restrictions. The anticipation is killing me! As Mark says, I'm finding the game to have 'Heavy Rain' levels of gravitas combined with 'Uncharted' graphical majesty and gameplay.

        I agree with the Heavy Rain thing. So glad I don't have to hold down R1 to walk around though.

    I finished my NG+ of The Last of Us last night. A brilliant ride from start to finish (twice!)

    So I'll be digging into New Super Luigi U this weekend.

    Probably Magic : The Gathering. Not on XBLA, the real deal. Just moved house and no Interwebs just yet.

      Lucky you don't have an xbone!

      oh wait that joke doesn't work anymore

        It does if you just bought it and haven't been able to connect to the Internet to download the day one patch so that you don't have to connect to the Internet.

          Unless he's part of everybody and has a smartphone that can be a wifi hotspot, and connect to it with his Xbox to download the 300kb patch that takes away the DRM like a bad memory.

            That's besides the point, it's still Internet! Though I think that there's no chance of it being a 300KB patch. I'd wager that 300MB is closer to the mark.

              No doubt the servers will be getting slammed too. It'll be like the WiiU on day one where it's 3 hours after opening the box before you get to use the thing.

    Gonna restart The Last of Us in hard mode (I've only just met Ellie, and found out that I can only play NG+ on the same difficulty I've finished); Animal Crossing; Maybe Donkey Kong Country Returns. Also maybe some New Super Luigi U just because I don't have enough games to play.

      Lucky... I upped the difficulty during the second or third chapter, and only realised that I'd have to restart when I was most of the way through, so just finished the game and restarted straight away. I'm gonna be spending most of my weekend finishing Last of Us (again), and starting NG+. And maybe trying to beat Killzone 2... that last (I think) level is a pita.

      Still currently waiting for delivery of The Last of Us. This new game plus though means I will probably play through on hard just to be able to play new game plus.

    Picross 3d and the walking dead for me I think. Maybe some fable 3 if I can be bothered turning on my xbox

    Gonna be playing Castlevania on PS3.

    Going through my backlog.

    Going to finally finish Mass Effect 2, im just hoping i survive the Suicide Mission. My choices dont transfer onto ME3 if I die, right?

      If Shepard dies in ME2 you can't import that savegame to ME3.

      However... (slight spoilers ahead, but nothing story related)

      While it can be tricky to keep everyone alive, it's almost impossible to get Shep killed - you have to pretty much deliberately screw up everything.

      That's one game I'm glad to have finished - the suicide mission is great! And no not everyone got out alive in mine.

        I've already lost a few people i didnt want to lose... i.e. my favourite squad memeber Jack.

    Batman Arkham City, Gonna try and finnish it before Monday, either that or catch up on warehouse 13 Season 4

      I'm stuck on Mr Freeze ATM he kicks serious arse.

        ive beat him before but i lost my save so ive never got to the end of the game trying to do it before Arkham Origins but i keep getting distracted with other games or TV shows or being busy

    Still working my way through Assassin's Creed 3, so I'll be playing that whenever I can. Probably could have finished it by now but I'm a sucker for sidequests, and there A LOT of sidequests in AC3...

      Ugh, I just did that and regret that I did. Most of them are sooo pointless.

      I have to say that finishing AC3 well and truly killed all my enthusiasm for AC4.

        I'm finding the sidequests are actually more enjoyable than the main story missions :P

        Well, except for some of the optional objectives that you need to hit to achieve 100% sync. Sometimes they aren't clear on exactly what you need to do, and other times they are ridiculously hard. That naval mission where you needed to destroy a whole fleet of ships in something like 1:30 was ridiculous. I'm still convinced I only managed to eventually do that (after about 20 restarts) by fluke.

      It was a bloody chore working through Assassin's Creed 3. It wasn't intriguing, exciting, or really that fun at all; I just wanted it finished and I haven't gone back to it since :/

        I agree. Such a chore, which I thought was a shame, because I liked the gameplay but the story was sooo crap compared to the previous games. And Connor was so very unlikeable. How could they go from Ezio to him? I don't get it.

          Pretty much :/
          I actually enjoyed Revelations (gameplay-wise it incorperated the good stuff and the hookblade made moving around the city / climbing a lot more enjoyable).

          I enjoyed some of the gameplay in AC3 (though some form of crouch feature would make stealth a bit more viable since crowd-stealth is all but gone); the swordfighting is graceful as always... The aiming was annoying when it came to ranged weapons - like they couldn't decide between lock-on and free-aim... It would literally restart the entire aiming animation if your reticule slipped off-target, so instead of trying fruitlessly for well-placed shots I found myself lazily firing weapons without aiming.
          The games seem to lean further and further away from the original idea of crowd-stealth and the plan > execute > escape formula with each entry, and more towards run-of-the-mill action where your character can take out a hundred soldiers by himself..

          I think they just need to take a huge step back and take all of the good parts of the previous games, improve the AI drastically, and give us a game where you're a skilled assassin taking out a single target rather than a one-man war machine. :P
          And a horse that doesn't merge with every large boulder in the game would be a worthy bonus. ;)

          Last edited 21/06/13 6:04 pm

    Animal Crossing: New Leaf

    was addicted to the DS version all those years ago.

    It's happening again =D


    Now I don't know what to play. I've actually completely eliminated my 3DS backlog. It's a weird feeling.

    Still got a craptonne of DS and Wii games to play though. Also GCN.

    Might Pokemon it up over the weekend. Or go through my backlog of PS3 games. Mainly just killing time till Deadpool drops next week.

    WoW and Metal Gear Solid HD Collection.

    I'm currently stuck atm and have absolutely nfi what to play and its pissing me off!

      Just shut your eyes and randomly point at a game and that is what ye shall play

    Finishing off Metro: Last Light and will get started on Wolfenstein on the PS3.

    The Last of Us, more KH BBS Final Mix side stuff/secret bosses yet again, and maybe some Fire Emblem: Awakening

    If I get time between 2 birthdays and a rollerblading double date, ill be finishing biosshock infinite (I'm late to the party oh well) and maybe some wargame: air land battle

    Hopefully I'll find time for The Last of Us. I got a few hours in on Sunday but I haven't been able to play it because my wife hasn't overtaken me (like she normally does when I'm at work) so I can't risk spoilering her.

    Removed Bioshock Infinite from the pile of shame last weekend when I sat down for 6 hours straight. What a game.

    Next is either Metro 2034 (on ranger difficulty) or Borderlands 2.

    Finished up The Last of Us and I absolutely loved it. Got to get to my backlog, although I recently purchased Red dead Redemption again, and have been watching my nephews play it - man that game is good.

      I bought RDR like a year and a half ago and I only got an hour in. I'm going to go back to it, but I know it's going to need a time commitment, so I keep letting myself get sidetracked by other games.

        I tend to do exactly that when I know I have a big game that I will eventually get lost in. I keep putting it off, until I know I've mentally prepared myself for it :P

      I loved RDR; such a beautiful game. :)
      Though from time to time the slow-moving horseback conversations got me a bit miffed. :P

    Probably a little bit of the Last of Us on Survivor difficulty, just for the THRILL. :P

    But I kinda feel like playing a strategy game; Perhaps Age of Empires, Supreme Commander or Command and Conquer: Generals :o
    (building up in anticipation for Company of Heroes 2 on Tuesday!!)

    Have a massive backlog. Dating back to who knows when, but hopefully the Last of Us shows up this afternoon. All I have played lately is NBA 2k13 my player with the NBA playoffs and finals on. So today when that is finished I will be jumping in to some other stuff. The Last of Us and the Walking Dead are the main ones to play.

    Finishing my Java Assignment for Uni.

    Picked up the Ultimate Skyrim edition thing on PC. Only played it on Xbox before. The loading Times on PC are so much better! how did i play this on Xbox before?

    I found the same with ME3

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