What Are You Playing This Weekend

Last night I did something I thought I'd never do again. I turned on my PS Vita. It was a crazy experience, but I don't regret it for a second. I turned it on to play Hotline Miami. I'd played a bit of this on PC, but I really wanted to go through the entire thing and I felt as though the PS Vita was as good a vehicle as any. I was right.

Goddamn, Hotline Miami is amazing on the PS Vita. I'd wager it'll be the only thing I do this weekend until I finish it. I'm abandoning The Last Of Us for this. That's what I'm doing this weekend. Playing Hotline Miami. And when I'm done with that I'll probably head straight on to Thomas Was Alone which I also picked up last night.

It feels strange to write: but I am really excited about my PS Vita right now.


    Halo 4...Team Action Sack, Griffball & SWAT...I'm on form atm, if anyone wants to join me I'll be logging a fair few hours this weekend. - jackunit13 (Australia.)

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    XCOM, plus I'm going to play through some of the new BL2 DLC with a mate. Also might stream some Crusader Kings 2 and play Magic 2014 on the tablet

    I've still got the second half of The Last of Us to go and I'm still enjoying it, even if the part I was enjoying the most seems to have faded somewhat.

    Got Company of Heroes 2 as well, plodding along through the campaign there. Definitely not as well crafted a campaign as SC2 but still fun.

    Finally, BOARD GAMES. I have people coming over tomorrow and I expect we'll be playing 7 Wonders, Last Night on Earth and probably a whole lot more. Last time this happened, we played for 11 hours and then backed up and played more board games the next day. That won't happen this time but still, plenty of board games to be played.

    Animal Crossing. Like I do every other minute of every day...

    halp me...

    Deadpool, Deadpool, Deadpool.

    Gonna pick it up on my way to work in a few hours and get stuck into it when I get home tonight.

    Probably put my NG+ of The Last Of Us on hold. I might pick up Hotline Miami too, but I've got the feeling I'll be too busy with Deadpool.

    Hopefully beat Persona 4 Golden. I'm up to the last boss (I think). After that? I might actually continue my Dragon's Dogma save (playing a Magick Knight or whatever they are called), I wanna see what they changed since the original game, and possibly pick up Deadpool and see if it's any good.

      Oh right, and my daily routine of Animal Crossing. (Thanks @sughly)

      Currently running through a second playthrough of P4G. Non story spoilers below.

      Beware, the 'giant eye' boss can be the last boss, but not if you want the 'golden' ending


        Ohhh, I'm currently fighting Adachi / Shadow Adachi. Is there anything I should be wary about to get the "Golden" ending?

          Just finish it, keep a save handy and redo it later.
          It's best to see all endings for the feels

          Walkthrough. If you REALLY want to get the golden ending, then walkthrough.

    Deadpool, Company of Heroes 2, Ride To Hell : Retribution

      You gonna download Ride To Hell? I noticed it's up on the PSN but the EB Games site says it's not out till July the 4th.

        DO NOT BUY THAT GAME. DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT BUY THAT GAME. it is the worst game i've ever played. i picked it up from US PSN and its just BAD. (Retribution)

          That's one reason why I will always buy a boxed copy over a digital download. If it's a great big steaming turd then I can take it back and get something else (if I got it at EB) or sell it and get some money back. With a digital download you're stuck with it.

        well if it sucks ill be glad i didnt waste any money at all on it, if its good, ill buy it

    I'll be playing the new BL2 content with friends as well as Pokemon Black 2 (On the final stretch to the champion's league) and Atelier Rorona.

    The Last of Us - I am about 4 or 5 hours in at the moment on Hard. Loving it, pretty difficult in some stages.
    Trials Evolution - Only just got it, addictive as hell. Must beat everything with Gold for now.
    The Binding of Issac - Have only just started playing this a bit, got it on the macbook, so whenever I am out with the laptop thats the game to play.

    Crusader Kings II with the newest Game of Thrones mod.

    "Our blades are sharp!"

      Woo CK2!

        apparently Essos is in the process of being added to the AGOT mod....!

          I've not d'loaded the mod yet- The base game suckered me in enough!

            im dreading Europa Universalis IV... more time stolen from my life ;)

    It's okay to like the Vita.

      No it isn't.

      Says the guy who has clocked up 80+ hours in Persona 4 Golden alone.

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        80? Didn't you start last week?


    Uncharted 2 and God of War 3. Love my PS3 :)

    Last of Us - such an awesome experience!
    Metal Gear Solid 2 HD on Vita - finding it a little bit 'meh' at the moment.
    Hotline Miami on Vita - pretty awesome but guessing it controls easier with mouse and keyboard.

      Yeah, I found MGS2 on Vita a bit 'meh' too. 3 is better, but still getting some 'meh' vibes. Dropped it in favour of Soul Sacrifice, will have to finish it off at some point.

      Love the VR missions on MGS 2 HD, bought it for Vita specifically to play them cos the pile of PS3 games stops me playing them there.

    The Last of Us. I haven't been able to play it during the week so I'm going to knuckle down and try and get it done on the weekend before I get spoiled.

    Oh, and a friend wants to play Tiny Tina's Dragon Keep, so I'll do some Borderlands 2, I suppose.

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      I've saved up all the BL2 DLC to do an epic playthrough, so I'm going on a BL2 binge just as soon as I finish The Last of Us.

        I did the Captain Scarlett DLC but I din't do the Torgue or Big Game Hunt ones, despite getting them in the season pass. This one looks pretty great though.

    State of Decay.. (downloaded it using a US Xbox profile). the game is like crack!
    and also some Dead Island. Picked up the GOTY edition a few months ago, despite the average reviews it's actually a lot of fun! Will probably pickup RipTide later.

    So yeah.. A lot of zombie killing for me.

      Like crack? I heard the problem was it had crack in it :P

        hah good one. One of the drugs in it is Amphetamines, which helps to boost your stamina so you can go on a 24 hour zombie killing spree.

        but yeh, the RPG and RTS elements of the game really draws u in, as well as the open world randomness that can occur.

    Well, tomorrow I'll be playing poker with some guys from work and drinking a butt tonne of whiskey ... so sunday will probably be spent playing something quiet and relaxing, like Vanquish

    The Last of Us multiplayer. Havent had this much fun online in a long time. just wish more people played!

    Also some State of Decay. Cant believe it got refused classification here!

    @markserrels, do you have Guacamelee? Wondering if a PS Vita purchase would be worthwhile for that game, it sounds quite good. But I'm struggling to find much else on Vita to tempt me unless it was used for PSP games.

    As for what I'm playing, it'll be Rift now that its F2P.

      Guacamelee is amazing! :D

    Uncharted 3 (playing through for the first time) then after I finish that, The Last of Us. It's going to be a good weekend.

    Most likely... Pokemon Black 2, of all things. My first pokemon game since Crystal, decided to try it purely for the nostalgia. As someone that, even when playing Gold and Crystal felt that those 100 new-fangled pokemon were unnecessary and weird... the addition of some 450 over the original set is somewhat overwhelming...
    Might get some Last of Us NG+ in. For the record, you just have to complete every chapter on a difficulty to unlock NG+ for that difficulty, so as I had upped to Hard during the third chapter, I only had to redo the first three chapters to unlock NG+ Hard mode.

    Deadpool and BL2 DLC - though last night a friend and I discovered that there is a glitch in it that stops you levelling up. Was not amused.

    And I'll be trying to figure out what has gone wrong with FTB, NEI is showing no items and I frequently forget that if I try to search for something it crashes the client.

    Continuing my second play through of The Last Of Us on Survivor difficulty.

    And probably a bit of Pro Evolution Soccer 2013. If I finish The Last Of Us then I'll download Hotline Miami and give that a shot, too.

    I've got to get the last of the star coins in New Super Luigi U.

    Then I'm not sure. I need to finish Luigi's Mansion 2 and I should probably play through Bioshock Infinite.

    Knytt Underground - PSVita
    Devil Survivor Overclocked - 3DS
    Tekken Revolution - PS3

    Oh yeah!

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