What Did We Think Of Sony's E3 Conference?

It's very, very late over here and I've just worked a 16 hour shift, so I might just let the video do the talking here! Suffice to say that Sony's conference felt like a very comprehensive smackdown.

It is, of course, early in the day. Sony's pricing, in Australia at least, isn't ideal. But still, it's cheaper than the Xbox One, which could be a factor.

What were your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.


    i thought sony knocked it out of the park... they did everything right (except the Australian price but i'll deal with it)

      The GST alone is $50 :/ .. I hate it here ;___;

      Didn't stop me from pre ordering though haha

    Bloodbath? More like total annihilation and that's coming from someone who is a predominantly PC and Nintendo gamer. That said, both camps showed surprisingly few exclusives that made me go "ooh, ooh I want that". I'm intrigued about The Order and Sunset Overdrive, but for a second year now Ubisoft is on everyone's lips imo. Titanfall was also droolworthy. Destiny reminded me of Borderlands had Gearbox kept with the realistic art style for some reason, but still looking forward to it.

    I paid $1000 for fat ps3 ,had already put a deposit if $500 at eb cheap for what it is.SONY SONY SONY

    It's simple, Sony showed a games console that also does other stuff. Microsoft showed a device that does a heap of other stuff and can play games on the side.

    I know you're tired so I'll let it slide, but it wasn't actually Ralph! It was just some random kid. Pretty sure it was the same voice actor though (whatsherface, Bart).

    I'm fairly sure the world would've ended if they wrapped with a Last Guardian video.

    Those prices are because of taxation. American prices are before taxes, we only pay about $20 more per console in the end...

    Except for that final 20 minutes I think Sonys conference was poor. Microsoft showcased way more games than Sony. The only thing Sony did right was the price and those jabs at the end towards MS. For $50 more I'm still getting the Xbox as there simply are more games to play, and after all I'm getting it to play games.

      $50 and your rights as a consumer, you mean.

        Personally I don't mind not being able to buy used games. I would rather support the developer which ultimately ensures more games. With the cost of games increasing I would prefer to give developers my money than a retailer.

          Correction, publishers get the money, not developers.

            I would rather pirate the game and anonymously give $5 to the developers =P

              +10000. Kickstarter wants YOU to work in their marketing department ;)

            Still would prefer the money going to a publisher than a retailer...

              True, lesser of two evils and all that. Still if I can split the money evenly between all 3 that would be preferable.

                Yeah, though realistically the developer should get a larger slice I reckon. You know the whole, is a man entitled to the sweat from his brow idea....

            Well, how do developer's get their games published on a platform?

          Are developers going to make games for a console that has no user base? Think about it.

      I think that MS showcased more next gen games, but Sony showed more Playstation exclusive titles overall. I think its worth considering the fact that Sony are actually releasing exclusive games for the PS3 still, so those Studios will have unannounced projects coming. What have MS got coming in the next six months?

        ... Fable Anniversary

      Seriously? Go and count the number of games that both consoles showed. And actually watch the conferences, don't just take it from a site. Sony showed a LOT more games.

        Maybe it's the lack of sleep from "watching the conferences" but my overall feeling was that the xbone showcased more interesting exclusive games. I haven't gone to a site to count who has more.

          You have got to be a troll. If not you need professional help.

      I'm reposting this from another article:

      I want to point out Sparry that between now and the launch of both the Xbox One and PS4 there is an event called the Tokyo Game Show. Sony usually has a presence there very similar to the presence they have at E3, so I would not be surprised if Sony reveal a few more titles for the PS4 there (some Japan exclusive, some international)

      Microsoft on the other hand has always struggled with the Japanese market, so i doubt they'll show anything at TGS that they haven't already shown by that point, if they even have a noticeable presence there at all. . . basically what I'm saying is it is highly likely that Sony still have a few cards up their sleeve to reveal at TGS, while Microsoft understandably have put all their cards on the table at E3

        No problem at all I will make sure i watch those future conferences. But as it stands right at this moment, Xbone has more interesting games.

      I'm been reading a few of these, but still genuinely curious what more games MS showed. Someone replied in another thread and mentioned Halo 5, Sunset Overdrive, Dead Rising 3, Forza, and Killer Instinct (did I miss any?) Of those, how much gameplay were we shown? I'm not saying Sony showed any on their exclusives either (did they?) but I sure as hell remember seeing a lot more game footage of other games at Sony's conference than I did Microsoft's since I kept tweeting how Sony was showing us game after game after game.

      Memorable moment of MS's conference was Titanfall footage. Maybe I'm suffering from selective memory atm due to lack of sleep?

        Sony didn't appear to show as many exclusives from what I saw. I thought I saw more gameplay at MS, from what I saw at Sony they showed gameplay of Multiplatform games but not many exclusives.I could be mistaken and missed something. MS also showed of that Ryse Roman game which I thought looked like it had some potential. I think both showed off some good games though but I'm not fully sure what is exclusive to PS4 other than FFXV and Kingdom Hearts 3...

      I dunno, this looks like enough games to keep me busy on the PS4:
      Abe's Oddysee
      Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag
      Battlefield 4
      Blacklight: Retribution Zombie Studios
      Call of Duty: Ghosts [3] Infinity Ward
      The Crew Ubisoft Reflections
      The Dark Sorceror
      Daylight [4] Zombie Studios
      DC Universe Online [5] Sony Online Entertainment
      Deep Down Capcom
      Destiny Bungie TBA
      Diablo III Blizzard Entertainment
      The Division Massive
      Dont Starve Klei Entertainment
      Dragon Age Inquisition BioWare Fall 2014
      DriveClub Evolution Studios Launch Window
      Dying Light [6] Techland
      EA Sports UFC [7] EA
      Elder Scrolls Online Bethesda/Senimax
      FIFA Soccer 14 [8] EA TBA
      Final Fantasy (PS4) Square Enix TBA
      Final Fantasy XIV Square Enix TBA
      Final Fantasy XV Square Enix TBA
      Just Dance 2014 Ubisoft
      Infamous: Second Son Sucker Punch Q1 2014 [9]
      Killzone: Shadow Fall Guerrilla Games Launch Window
      Kingdom Hearts III Disney
      Knack Studios Japan Launch Window
      Madden 25 [10] EA TBA
      Mad Max Warner Bros.
      Mercenary Kings
      Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Kojima Productions
      Mirror's Edge 2 DICE TBA
      NBA 2K14
      November 2014 [11]
      NBA Live 14 [12] EA TBA
      Need for Speed Rivals [13] EA TBA
      Octodad: Deadliest Catch
      Oddworld: New n' Tasty Just Add Water Fall 2013
      The Order 1866 Ready At Dawn TBA
      Peggle 2 PopCap TBA
      Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare PopCap
      PlanetSide 2 [14] Sony Online Entertainment
      Primal Carnage: Genesis Lukewarm Media
      Ray's The Dead
      Secret Ponchos
      Skylanders Swap Force [15] Vicarious Visions TBA
      Sniper Elite 3 [16] 505 Games TBA
      Star Wars Battlefront DICE
      The Witness Thekla, Inc TBA
      Thief [17] Square-Enix 2014
      Transistor Supergiant Games 2014
      Warframe [18] Digital Extremes TBA
      War Thunder [19] Gaijin Entertainment Fall 2013
      Watch Dogs UbiSoft Montreal TBA
      The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt CD Projekt RED 2014
      Wolfenstein: The New Order MachineGames

        A lot of those are multi platforms...They can entertain you on PC or Xbox One as well!

          Not everyone has a gaming PC and some people like privacy!

          Last edited 11/06/13 6:28 pm

            And some people don't like Dual Shock controllers? And not everyone has money to buy a console at launch? Why are we listing thing's people may or may not like or possess??

              Ok so let's head down that path, Poita said he was looking forward to a whole slew of games on the PS4 . What possessed you to suggest an Xbox or PC when he's quite happy with the future of the PS4? I listed a couple of reasons why he might not want to go with your suggestion, you on the other-hand just seem like you want to suggest alternatives to SONY rather than saying "oh hey cool, good point!"

              Last edited 12/06/13 12:35 pm

                He does have a point, he can enjoy them on the PS4 or any other console the non exclusives are on. That was what I was merely trying to state. You can probably enjoy most of those titles on any of the consoles or a PC. I personally haven't found less enjoyment from a game just because of the console, except an RTS though. Just stating alternatives.... Didn't think that would be an issue.

          I just don't know where people are getting the idea that the Xbox1 has more games is all.

            True, I have not counted but they both seem to have a decent amount of exclusives and cross platform games...

      What do you mean more games? I thought Microsoft simply SHOWED MORE GAMES at their conference. Weren't most of those 3rd party NON-EXCLUSIVE games? So they're going to be on both consoles...right?

      Unless you wanted to get it for Halo, etc then I understand. But games wise, Sony had all those indies they had to rush through, awesome games that are STILL going to come out for the ps3 and vita. And that part about wanting to support the developers more, why not just buy games first hand for the ps4 as well? That would also support developers, probably to the same effect as buying an xbox one.

      The PS4 has more exclusives than the One has launch titles :S

    I know we all wanted Sony to outline their DRM policy, but I (and assuming many others) couldn't believe how brazen they were about it. This really won them millions of internet hugs today.

    Undercutting the XBone was welcome also, but not as much as a surprise, I did expect the PS4 to be more expensive overall, but only if they were shipping like-for-like (PSEye Included). Opinion extra is the outcome I actually wanted.

    Prior to February and all the teasing and rumours really began to circulate I had decided to stick with only one console for the next gen, the PS3 became my primary console after owning all 3 where I'd enjoyed their exclusives and services and that was enough to make my mind up to stick with Sony. The events of the past two weeks have completely reinforced my decision to pick up the PS4 only.

      Now that's unbiased testimony :p

      This gadget whore will be getting all of them. I've suffered enough already with the Wii U so Xbone wont be so bad ;). X1 will only be getting used for console exclusives. Act of madness buying multiplats when PC or PS4 versions exist.

      The Move/Eye on PS3 must be more successful than I realized. Sony's decision to leave the PS4 versions as an accessory proves that point. Why sell something separately if it was a poor selling item? Although, doesn't it render some of the controller recognition features worthless without it, or am I missing some information?

      Basically, Sony are offering the best choice - save money and get standard PS4, or spend a little extra to get the Eye. Win win.

    Both Sony and Microsoft had good games on show, but the Xbox One's DRM and used games policy was a major sore point in the eyes of the public, and Sony did not hesitate to hit Microsoft's weak point for massive damage.

    Really? Sony showed plenty of games and some great exclusives and heaps of Indy support = more games. Apart from COD and Halo 5 coming at some point (and to be honest the PS4 Bungie game looks more Halo5 to me than Halo does) there wasn't a lot of games shown at the XBOX launch that won't be cross platform anyway. I can't see that the XBOX ONE has more games to play.
    The Sony launch went 20 mins too long, and if the local pricing was $499 I think MS would be dead in the water. $100 less, no intrusive DRM, some great looking titles and equally powerful hardware and I think the ONE would struggle.

      PS4 doesn't have a Bungie game...Destiny is multiplatform.I assume Bungie is showing it heavily with the PS4 to try and distance themselves from the Halo franchise. I didn't see too many interesting exclusives for Sony, I could of missed some things but MS seemed to me to show off more diversity in their exclusives. Though their Indy support does seem weak but Below does look interesting!

    I think it's a sign of how much trouble MS are in when the "silver lining" is that they're only $50 more expensive in Australia instead of $100 more expensive.

    I was thinking of buying neither at launch. I am now seriously considering a launch PS4 to complement my wiiU.

    Only thing I was disappointed about was nothing from Naughty Dog.

    PSN MP is a tad disappointing, but I expected it would happen at some point.

      I didn't expect anything from them as they've been hard at work on The Last Of Us.

      That said, some news from them would have been great, like a new Jak and Daxter.

        They have 2 teams, so the other one is doing something.

          Which is more than likely Uncharted 4, while team 2 goes to work on Last of Us 2

            Yeah, I was just hoping it would show.

    i hate how chuffed they looked when announcing exclusives, "ha ha you dipshits have to buy a ps4 to get your batman watch dog outfit"

    everything else was fine

    I was waiting for some unexpected game to really blow me out if the water, but (hopefully) as the release date gets closer we'll see some big games

    Happily there were good news at the end on price, used games and always online otherwise the Sony conference in itself was Boring and lacked excitement.

    - No demo on how to use the touch pad of the controller to add something Next-genish features into games

    - No demo on how the Share button will add some value to social gaming

    - No demo of Drive club especially when you hear it should be playable by E3 ad its meant to use the PS4 social aspect to the max.

    - No demo of vita + PS4 interaction
    - No explanation or details of how remote play will work can you play from your bedroom, can you play all games??
    - not a word on the new PS eyes, what can it do etc...?
    and the list goes on ......
    I will buy the PS4 because i am against the MS crap with always online kinect etc... but Honestly Sony could have owned this big time.

    Last edited 11/06/13 4:54 pm

    To be frank Sony show boating "This is how you share used games". People are highlighting something we have always had as a life changing feature that sells the console.

    If Xbox dropped the price removed this DRM stuff and used games. Who really would have won this press conference because for me they were both making me fall asleep.

    Even if Microsoft wasn't going for all this DRM rubbish, Sony still completely won E3 and sold me on a PS4.

      Seriously? The only reason PS won was because of the no DRM. MS destroyed when it came to games

        How exactly?? There weren't any xbox games I saw that didn't have an equivalent or better title on one platform or the other. People keep saying this but MS didn't really show many new IPs at all.

          Other than Quantum Break, Microsoft's exclusives didn't interest me at all.

    I know drm really sucks. but on ps4 can I install a game from disc and then not need the disc to play it?
    I really like this feature

    Kingdom Hearts 3 I have been waiting for for years.

    What song is that you guys are using for these vids?

    Like this gen, both consoles are going to have exclusives that will sell their consoles. Right now I'm leaning toward PS4 but I will get both. If I could play everything on PC I would, but I can't :( A lot of these games I will be able to, which is good - but it's those glaring few that are usually pretty good ( Killzone, halo etc) that are must plays for me. I would LOVE Destiny to come to PC, I really think it would be a mistake not to, IMO.

    Sony won it hands down, Microsoft handed it to them on a platter.

    What people selectively forget is that for the extra $50 you also get the second generation Kinect, which is $250 worth of hardware. Admittedly for some that's more of a win ...

    Sony also failed to highlight that online multiplayer is becoming a paid for service like XBL.

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