What Do You See In This Dragon Age: Inquisition Screenshot?

A couple of days ago, this Dragon Age: Inquisition screenshot surfaced on the BioWare blog. Sure, it's just a high-res still of what we already saw in the big E3 trailer. But it raises some questions nonetheless.

Who are these guys? Is that their hair next to their helmets? What's that thing on the table? What's with the eye? Is that your character? Or just some jerk? What's on his head? Or is it a she?


    If I'm remembering the trailer right, that's Cassandra.

    Can't find Wally just yet... give me a minute...

    This is the single greatest article on Kotaku yet!

    ...These questions arise for hundreds of screenshots all the time for upcoming games. Why is this one so special that it needed it's own article?

    Do I see the same environment that will be rehashed for 40hrs of gameplay?

    BAM! I went there!

    I see.. the DIG! no wait.. biker mice from mars!

    "What Do You See In This Dragon Age: Inquisition Screenshot?" a whole lot of fail.

    The new templars look terrible.

      Look at the logo, Fryiee, they are actually Seekers, not Templars. They are a whole different branch of the Chantry's forces. The Seeker design has improved, at least.

      Agree with opinions on this article. DA3 hasn't been getting much attention as it should have, but this really isn't the way to express it. A article of speculation is a whole lot better than a simple screenshot.

        the Seekers are at odds with the Templars i believe within the Chantry

        My bad, I never played DA2 and didnt remember the seekers in DA1.

    Inbetween Dragon Age II and III the Templars have broken off from the chantry and gone rogue to continue the war against the Mages. The Seekers job was essentially to keep the Templars in check and stop them from abusing their powers. Dragon Age II showed they're absolutely terrible at their job.

    A whole lot of despair and nothing that interests me.

    For me Dragon Age Ended when the Warden and Morrigan stepped through the Portal.

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