What The Hell Is This I Don't Even

Hey, look, it's another trailer for Spin the Bottle, an upcoming Wii U game that wants you to get some friends, turn the TV off, use the Wii U controller's screen and do... things to each other. Or with each other.



    All I saw was 81 seconds of sexual innuendos and phallic shaped objects.


    Last edited 08/06/13 8:09 am

    Ha ha. Penises with legs. Someone should redo the audio with the song 'detachable penis'

    Last edited 08/06/13 9:35 am

    Well hold the phone - I know some people are waiting for Smash Bros or Mario Kart but hell Pass the Badger!! That's a system seller if ever I heard it!

    Looks like a trailer for a $0.99 phone app.

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