What Time Does The Xbox One Actually Check To See If You're Online?

Persona fans know the answer. Everyone else: you'll want to be asleep when it happens.



      Short answer: he means 12:00 AM Midnight
      Long Answer: That effect with the clock is an event that frequently occurs in the JRPG PS2 game Persona 3, Persona 3: FES and it's PSP port, P3P. Everytime the in-game clock hit midnight, that world would enter a period called the "Midnight Hour". It's basically when you go dungeon crawling and kill monsters in that game while during the day time you deal with the social aspect of the game, like building friendships and dating girls :)

        Okay. As someone who hasn't played that game, I was left wondering why you wouldn't want to use your console while it is checking in. So I guess the answer is that there is no reason.

          In terms of the game, I think Luke was suggesting that you shouldn't be awake during that time because it's dangerous. In the story, anyone who is awake during the Midnight Hour and doesn't have a Persona (a.k.a a character's main weapon for spell casting) gets eaten upon by shadow monsters, basically.

          Not quite sure why Luke feels the need to resort to somewhat obscure references to plot points of a game to report a piece of information that could be relevant to future XB1 owners. It's pretty obvious how I know about these things since I've played it, doesn't mean Luke can just throw important details about an upcoming console willy nilly assuming everyone person knows what the hell he's talking about.

          tl:dr - Luke is lazy, hope this helps.

        Thanks for the explanation, had no idea what the hell he was talking about. It's actually quite funny that he assumes everyone knows what that game is, quality journalism right there.

        As for this system check at midnight, the next question becomes which midnight? Will every country have their own system check time to sync with their midnight? or will it run off a US schedule worldwide? Yet again, Microsoft failing at PR by not making the details clear enough........ *sigh*

          honestly, the only factual thing I know so far about the system checking is that it occurs every 24 hours when you're logged onto your own XB1 console, while if you're logged into your own account on, say a friend's console I think it checks every hour. I only discovered that it was midnight from this article, though I don't think there's been any clarification as to what timezone Microsoft is going to use from what I've seen at other news sites.
          It doesn't really help when Luke bloody Plunkett just puts a very vague statement about it without further explanation :(

          Anyway, if you're interested, I got that checking every hour tidbid from here: http://www.polygon.com/2013/6/6/4403924/xbox-one-always-on-online-requirements

    I get the reference, but not the joke.

    So this deserves an equally unrelated quote by Kanji.

    Thats it, I quit! To hell with the exams! S' time for my animal crackers.

    Last edited 08/06/13 5:26 pm

      "Ooh, can I have some too? I wanna find the penguin!"

    Fantastic game. One of the best I've ever played and on PSP too boot.

    Microsoft execs will use this midnight hour to run around our homes checking we're not doing anything on our xboxes we shouldn't be. They might also fight creatures with different elemental weaknesses but don't quote me on that.

    What Time Does The Xbox One Actually Check To See If You’re Online?

    5 miutes after your internet connection goes down and you settle in for a night of single-player gaming...or not.

    So the first time everyones new Xbox One connects to the verification server on launch, the server will crash and no one will be playing games for the next 24hrs?

    Midnight.... console time? server time?

      most likely server time, it's the servers doing the checking after all

    If you are a Gremlins fan, you already know.

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