While You Were Sleeping

Wake up everyone! Time to read about things. Things that happened on the weekend! Things you might have missed. Time for While You Were Sleeping...

Putting together a great cosplay, building brilliant replicas of video game objects or characters — that's one thing. Building an entire room to look like a video game room? That takes a certain kind of commitment that borders on the awesomely obsessive. This Portal room is next level. It's out of control.

Oh, and Dark Souls II looks like it may have a rough release date.

This is a review of Intel's 4th Generation CPU Haswell and these are the best GIFs of the week.

And finally, this is a real tragedy: an Oculus Rift developer was killed by a reported gang member fleeing police in a Dodge Charger. More details here.

In Short This Tank Can Barrel Roll And Other Popular GIFs From This Week This Portal Themed Bedroom Is Outrageous And I Want To Live In It Intel's 4th Generation CPU Haswell Makes Its Debut Core i7 4770k Review Dark Souls II Coming March 2014 Says E3 Sign Oculus Rift Developer Killed, A Bystander During A Police Chase


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