While You Were Sleeping

Is anyone else super sick? Today's While Your Sleeping is coming to you from my house, where I'm currently wrapped up in a dressing gown and sniffling up snot.

I thought I was in the midst of a hallucinogenic fever when I saw this: the next Halo game is a mobile and PC title. A top down analogue shooter type game. You know what — I'm going to go against the grain and say that this might be quite good. I think it'll work.

Also — no suprises here — the next game from Harmonix is a music game called Fantasia: Music Evolved. Head here for more details. I'm almost certain it'll be great.

Double Fine's second Kickstarter campaign was a rousing success, that was another certainty but we thought you'd might like to know. These are the best 2D arcade game backgrounds and this is an article about rage-quitting.

In Short The Next Halo Game Is On Mobile And PC The Next Game From The Makers Of Rock Band Is Fantasia: Music Evolved Double Fine's Second Kickstarter Is Also A Huge Success The Best 2D Arcade Game Backgrounds To Rage Quit Or Not To Rage Quit, That Is The Question


    Who would have thought that the thing that would get you back into Halo, was to turn it into a mobile game.

    Ugh...tell me about it Mark. I'm on my third flu/cold this season already. Kids attending daycare need to be put in sealed plastic bubbles imho.

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