While You Were Sleeping

Nothing much happened overnight. Quiet, peaceful, chance of light rain as dawn emerged. What? Xbox One? EA? E3? Oh. THAT. Yeah, well, that happened.

While you were sleeping, Mark was busy slaving away over a hot keyboard and omelette, bringing you Liveblog action as it happened, first from the Microsoft Conference, and then from EA's E3 effort, as well as putting his thoughts into video form so that should be your first port of call while you slurp up that coffee.

The E3 news insanity made up humungous quantities of the overnight news, with everything from a redesigned Xbox 360 for…. reasons… to the death of Microsoft points to the confirmation of a pretty sweet Australian price and release date for the Xbox One to… man. So much news.

So much news. You slept through a LOT. But that's what we're here for.


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    I saw a little bit of the battlefield 4 stuff. Do you think the console version will be 64 players?

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