While You Were Sleeping

Sleep is where you step into your own personal time machine and wake up to discover that it's the future — at least from the perspective of when you fell asleep. E3 is all about the future as well, even though thanks to the international dateline, it's taking place in our past. Damn. This time travel stuff gets confusing — and tiring — quite quickly. So what went down overnight/last night/in the future?

It was Nintendo's turn to shine, or at least deliver a somewhat-fresh Nintendo Direct, and Mark once again flexed his liveblogging muscles to cover it into the wee hours of the night. On the good news front, the PS4 is confirmed as region free. Hurrah!. On the not-so-good news front, Sony scored itself major kudos for "allowing" used games on PS4 yesterday, but it now emerges that this may only apply to its first-party titles, with external developers free to set their own policies.


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