While You Were Sleeping

While you were sleeping, a secret cadre of highly trained cats went through your secret stash of stuff, tilting it all exactly three degrees to the left. Nobody knows why. In the meantime, Friday rolled around — I couldn't stop it — and things happened. Big things.

You don't actually have to go to E3 if all you want is a thin t-shirt giving free advertising to multi-million dollar corporations; all you actually need to do is check eBay frantically while giving away the contents of your wallet. While I'm feeling snarky, there's also going to be another Tomb Raider movie, because… yeah. I've got no idea, really.

Aveline's making the jump from Vita to PS4 in Assassin's Creed IV in exclusive missions. I know most DLC isn't that long so those on other platforms aren't missing out on vital (heh, Vita-l) content, but there is still part of me that gets irked by "exclusive" game content that's locked down more by money than any kind of technical constraint. Is that just me?


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    By secret stash of stuff you mean porn, right? Because I once had a highly trained cadre of cats bin my porn and then somehow made my wife really pissed off at me. I never discovered why they did it.

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