While You Were Sleeping

Phew. I'm back in the country, and back in my old chair after a whirlwind week at E3. How are you all feeling? Rested after staying up until crazy hours in the morning to watch conferences? Yeah, E3 week is always hard on us poor Australians...

I expect this week will still mostly be about E3, and the resulting shockwaves of what was the biggest week in gaming news I can remember. Little tidbits like this: Microsoft is claiming that it won't render your Xbox One games unplayable in the long term, which was a concern for many. I almost can't help but feel bad for Microsoft at this point. The messaging has been so terrible, so borked. It almost needs to start from scratch.

It almost reminds me of the PS3 last time round. It took a while for the PlayStation 3 to gain momentum back then. This is super interesting: check out the 12 launch games of the PS3.

Also — here are some E3 comics (they're not all about E3) this is info on how to get involved with World of Tanks on 360, and 45 mods were needed to bring the Man of Steel to Skyrim!

In Short Sunday Comics: Smash Brothers Have Some World Of Tanks With Your 360 The PS3 Had 12 Games At Launch, Here's What They Looked Like Microsoft: We Won't Render Your Xbox One Games Unplayable Long Term 45 Mods Were Needed To Bring Man Of Steel To The Elder Scroll: Skyrim


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