While You Were Sleeping

Morning all, it's time for While You Were Sleeping. We talk about the news coming in overnight and we post pics of sleeping babies. That's how we do.

Nintendo's Super Smash Bros. announcement was a relatively big one, but it felt like not too many people cared. I mean they cared, but it wasn't the big implosion I was expecting from a game that has a pretty dedicated core group of fans. Maybe this will help you get a little more excited: it's 108 terrific shots of Super Smash Bros. in action.

This isn't necessarily video games, but in terms of the time we spend online it is: Facebook reveals government spying numbers on its site.

It almost goes without saying that The Last Of Us has great art. But it's worth checking on this post just to make sure. (Spoiler: the game has great art).

What else? You should watch this Pacific Rim trailer remade in Minecraft, and the latest DOTA 2 match fixing scandal shows that e-sports is still learning from 'real' sports.

In Short 108 Terrific Shots Of Super Smash Bros. On Wii U Facebook Reveals Government Spying Numbers [Update: Microsoft Too] This Pacific Rim Trailer Remade in Minecraft Is Super Intense The Apocalyptic Art Of The Last Of Us DOTA 2 Match Fixing Scandal Shows e-Sports Still Learning From Real Sports


    We've had puppies and babies, can we shift the image theme to something else now?
    Perhaps baby otters?

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