While You Were Sleeping

Morning all! It's Friday and I'm feeling super sick. I think I've come down with something and It seems like it's a fairly common thing. Anyone else sick? Anyway, just because I have the sniffles, that doesn't mean I can't bash on this keyboard! Welcome to While You Were Sleeping.

It's still all about the Xbox One in the world of video games. It seems everyone has an opinion on Microsoft's decision to remove the DRM from its new console. I feel like it's a huge grey area, but most of the US writers on Kotaku disagree with me. Here Patricia Hernandez talks about how the reversal is proof that speaking out gets results.

And what about the reactions around the world? This is how Japanese gamers responded to the news, and this is how Korean gamers responded. The Xbox One is hardly popular in these markets but I still found their perspective interesting!

What else? Well Nvidia's Shield, the Android handheld device, gets a June 27 release in the US and a price drop. I have to admit I'm quite intrigued by this little thing. And finally: the change from Final Fantasy Versus XIII to Final Fantasy XV was apparently a long time coming...

In Short NVidia's Shield Gets A Price Drop And A June 27 Release Xbox One DRM Reversal Is Proof That Speaking Out Can Get Results Korean Gamers React To Xbox One Changes The Change From Versus XIII To XV Was A Long Time Coming Japanese Gamers React To Xbox One Changes


    I agree with you Mark.... (Cue warm happy feelings)

    Boom. Sniffles, coughing and sneezing here, too. Low-grade, though. Around 3-4SPH (sneezes per hour).

    I am getting over a cold, of which the week before I was getting over something I got from having 3 needles for my upcoming holiday (all in the same arm #toughguy)

    Safe to say I am getting past my illnesses before I go on holidays.

    I was sick the last 3 weeks. I'm better now :) May you get better soon too :)

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