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Final Fantasy XV — we all knew it was coming, it was just a matter of when. The fact that it cam at the expense of another game we thought was coming was the only real surprise. But we cheered anyway, right? Who cares about that other one! Today you can meet the cast of Final Fantasy XV.

This is an incredible transformation. One female model goes from being beautiful in all the way models usually are to looking exactly like a grotesque clicker from The Last Of Us. Make sure to have another tab filled with cute puppies or something to cleanse your eyeballs after looking at this.

This is the silly secret origin of Street Fighter's Hadouken, apparently some Animal Crossing characters changed sex for the game's western release, and finally why not watch 16 minutes of the English version of Phoenix Wright on the 3DS.

In Short Meet The Cast Of Final Fantasy XV Watch The Silly Secret Origin Of Street Fighter's Hadouken Right Here Animal Crossing Characters Changed Sex For Western Release Turning A Beautiful Model Into A Clicker From The Last Of Us Why Not Spend 16 Minutes With The English Version Of Phoenix Wright On The 3DS


    Mark, this has nothing to do with gaming per se but can you please run something up the Kotaku chain?


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    "The fact that it cam at the expense of another game" - just FYI

    "Pictures of babies having a snooze" Tee Heee

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