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The Last Of Us. Look I'm so over that kind of game, but even I'm forced to admit it's pretty good. For some reason we had a glut of Last Of Us stories overnight. Apparently there are hidden phone sex numbers in the game. Jesus. We also had a pretty top notch Fine Art post about the game.

Also — who is going to star in the game's sequel? Naughty Dog isn't ruling out anyone.

Finally, this is the first 15 minutes of Star Wars precisely recreated in Minecraft and little girls are still way better than you at designing superheroes.

In Short The Last Of Us Hidden Phone Sex Numbers A Mistake, Will Be Removed The First 15 Minutes Of Star Wars Precisely Recreated In Minecraft Little Girls Are Still Better Than You At Designing Superheroes Fine Art: From The Last Of Us Through Dragons To A McDonalds Wasteland Who Would Star In A Last Of Us Sequel? Creators Won't Rule Anyone Out


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