While You Were Sleeping... Snake? SNAAAAAAAAAAAAKE!

Wake up Snake. Snake. Come in Snake. Snake? SNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKE?

So guess what. Apparently Kiefer Sutherland will now be voicing snake. I think. You know, you just don't know with Kojima but I think, at some point, I'm just going to have deal with the fact that David Hayter won't be voicing Solid Snake. I think it's a terrible, terrible decision, but what do I know?

It was announced at the Konami E3 conference which you can watch right here.

David Hayter has already responded to the news on Twitter. Check out a little timeline of his thoughts here.

Oh, and other big piece of news: Diablo 3 is now coming to the 360 as well as the PS3. Here was me thinking Blizzard had gone with the PS3 because of the more open PSN situation. More info here.

And finally, this Remember Me art is pretty spectacular.

In Short Diablo 3 To Hit Xbox 360 And PlayStation 3 On September 3 Kiefer Sutherland Is Snake David Hayter Snipes At Konami On Twitter Watch Konami's E3 Press Conference Right Here Fine Art: Remember Me Sure Looks Beautiful


    Sooo, Is Snake gonna have 24 hours to stop a bomb or something?

      That would be an interesting game mechanic actually.

        majora's mask?

        There are games that have done that before (Dead Rising, D, probably others), and it usually results in people whining.

      I heard the events of Ground Zeroes takes place between 12am and 1am.

    I'm on Team RaygunBrown, Hayter is still Snake.
    I suspect a MGS2-style switcheroo.

    Throughout the MGS games snakes appearance has changed as the hardware changed. One defining feature that made you feel as if you were still playing as snake through those games was his iconic voice. With MGSV we have a different looking snake with a different voice. Its like replacing an actor on a tv series and hoping nobody notices.

      The kicker is that the character doesn't look that different, he just has a completely new voice.

      Makes me a sad panda. T_T

    I always thought kiefer was an ideal snake. The 24 series is amazing and touches on similar themes as metal gear.
    Great choice. Very happy

    Do we think that maaaaybeeeee, this could mean both Solid and Naked Snake will feature given the different voice actor?

    It would be horribly anticlimactic if this whole MGS fiasco wasn't just a huge Kojima stuffing around with us scenario (i.e. Hayter is actually voicing SOLID Snake somewhere in the game). I'd like to think all these Hayter tweets were just playing along and not a guy bitter that they dumped him...I'd be pretty bitter too if they unceremoniously dumped him.

    In all though, even if Sutherland is voicing Naked Snake, I don't think it's such a bad choice. He's got that raspy voice that comes with being a Snake. It's not like say, the dumping of Michael Ironside for some dude that sounds NOTHING like Sam Fisher.

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